Quit or Be Fired? What Should Be Your Next Move?

Many professionals come to a point in their career where they find themselves in a job that is no longer considered a good fit. Whether it’s because the job requirements have changed, the company culture is at odds with your work style or you find yourself butting heads with the people you work with or […]

How Are Cyber Criminals Attacking the Cloud?

With more emphasis on storing data on the cloud, it is easy to understand how and why more hacking attempts will take place online. In a way, the cloud can be pretty low-hanging fruit for a savvy hacker, making careless companies easy targets for devastating cyber-attacks. We have seen a huge jump in cyber security […]

Why Humans Are the Best Defense in Cyber Attacks

The best hacking attempts are the result of human creativity and skill. As such, the best way to fight the most insidious and malicious of these attacks is with humans on the security end as well. As the saying goes, a program is only as smart as the programmer. Here are a few reasons why […]

Understanding the Contract-to-Hire Job Status

If you are having difficulty finding the right job in today’s competitive job market, working with Energy Services Group International is a great way to find your next position in the energy industry. But there are a number of factors to working with a staffing firm that you might not be familiar with. For example, […]

Remote IT Workers Might Be Your Best Option

It is simply unavoidable these days. Our businesses succeed or struggle under the effectiveness of our IT support. Without it, businesses are unable to leverage the fast-paced and effective tools available in almost any industry. But maybe hiring on-site IT workers may just be impractical for your business at the time being. Here are a […]

Jobs Needed as the Internet of Things Grows

If you’re reading this blog, you are very aware of the Internet. But have you heard of the Internet of Things? As more and more devices get connected to online and offline networks, from household appliances to nuclear power plants, we are in fact experiencing the growth of a new Internet. One of connected things, […]