The best hacking attempts are the result of human creativity and skill. As such, the best way to fight the most insidious and malicious of these attacks is with humans on the security end as well. As the saying goes, a program is only as smart as the programmer. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider your IT security staff to be among your most worthy cyber defenses.

Automation is Easy to Work Around

Cyber security has become overly reliant on automation within their security programs. While this is a logical response to the need for consistent and efficient security response, a great deal of creativity and flexibility is sacrificed in exchange. In order to keep pace with increasingly sophisticated cyber attackers, equally sophisticated security programs (and IT professionals) are needed. You need to be sure your cyber defenses are able to adapt to a fast-changing security landscape, but also to learn and research the latest trends in hacking and preventing such attacks.

Advances in Big Data and the Internet of Things

The energy and manufacturing fields in particular have seen drastic changes in the connectedness of critical machinery and job sites. While these advances in technology have brought on a near revolution in how work is done, they have also exposed some new vulnerabilities to cyber attack. At the same time, those same advances in big data have resulted in the analysis and management of data points such that companies are better able to protect themselves against crippling cyber attacks. The ideal mix of automated security programs and human ingenuity hinges on the use and management of big data as a tool. Make sure you are using it to your benefit, because you can be sure the competition is.

Understanding the Human Element

The most creative and infectious cyber attacks each have a deceptively human touch. Phishing and social engineering scams rely on the human element, and a proper counterattack requires the same type of thinking. Relying on the creative thought process, knowledge, expertise, and adaptability of a talented cyber security professional can be what gives your company a fighting chance. Knowledge of and the ability to research crowd-based security intelligence, new technologies, and rapidly changing trends in cyber security will help give your company an edge. Without that human element, it’s really just a matter of time before your system becomes dangerously outdated.

A Never-Ending Game

One of the most difficult aspects of the battle between security professionals and hackers is the seemingly endless one-upsmanship. Criminals will do their utmost to create smarter and more customizable programs that can do the most damage possible, and in response, security professionals are trained to meet those challenges head-on. There is not likely to be an end to this ongoing battle, and any program that markets itself as the last security system you will ever need is lying. Cybersecurity depends on the talents of security professionals. Make sure you are not opting out of such an essential aspect of your company’s digital security.

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