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Boiler Water Circulating Pumps

ESGI offers expert technical support to those utilities with Combustion Engineering boilers incorporating Boiler Water Circulating Pumps (BWCPs.) Dick Smith, a BWCP specialist for the past 30 years, is heading up ESGI’s effort to bring cost-effective know-how to those plants requiring either on-site or off-site assistance. Smith can direct your crews on-site in removal and reinstallation, inspection, and repair. If a pump fails, he can perform failure analysis, and he can review your inventory for spare parts optimization. Away from the power plant, Smith can oversee inspections and all phases of overhaul, including stator rewinds.


Cybersecurity is a major threat to all segments of our economy, including the medical, industrial, manufacturing, and electrical generation and distribution infrastructure. ESGI has assisted numerous clients with management, assessment, implementation and monitoring of technical and operational Critical Cyber Security Control System requirements to help ensure the integrity at our nation’s most important yet vulnerable facilities. Qualified personnel experienced in compliance with requirements of the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST), The National Energy Institute (NEI), North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) – Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), DOE and NRC guidelines and orders provide assurance that security controls for federal and industrial control systems meet applicable requirements.
In addition to personnel assigned to perform NEI assessment and NIST RMA evaluations at various facilities, ESGI currently provides a 9 person team that conducts 24/7 operational and technical surveillance for a large, Texas-based electric transmission and distribution company. The Security Operations Center (SOC) team monitors systems to prevent intrusion of the firewall. They Identify threats, analyze and resolve any internal or external intrusion. Analysts must be knowledgeable in NERC-CIP requirements and be certified in one or more of the information security professional fields (CISSP, CCSP, Network +, Security +, CEH, etc). Analyst must also have working knowledge/skills in the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools being used by the client.

Cyber Security Services:

Capabilities include infrastructure and policy review, vulnerability security assessment and penetration testing, regulatory and compliance mapping and analysis, web application security assessment and penetration testing, data mining for vulnerable patterns and attack vectors, semantic web and blog mining, electronic discovery and digital forensics, malware synthesis and analytics, incident response, coordination with law enforcement and counter-intelligence, IT risk mitigation solution engineering, implementation and evaluation, IT security plan development, remote managed security services, continuous monitoring, staff augmentation and residency and training services. Also provide information assurance services, cloud computing and data center operations services, engineering, operations and management solutions and technology assessments and innovations.

Technical Security Services:

Technical controls are the countermeasures implemented to protect the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of a system. The measures employed are designed to protect against unauthorized access, use, disruption, modification, or destruction of Critical Digital Assessments (CDA) and/or its function. System level controls are used individually, or in combination with other countermeasures, methods, or techniques to provide protective barriers for identified risks. Technical controls are tested, evaluated for effectiveness, monitored, replaced, or supplemented as required to ensure a security level to mitigate identified risks.

Management and Operational Services:

Management and operational cyber security controls are carried out by including cyber security enhancing activities in policies, implementing procedures, and processes such as engineering lifecycle activities, engineering procurement procedures, Software Quality Assurance program, and ensuring procurement contracts specify Cyber security requirements.