It is simply unavoidable these days. Our businesses succeed or struggle under the effectiveness of our IT support. Without it, businesses are unable to leverage the fast-paced and effective tools available in almost any industry. But maybe hiring on-site IT workers may just be impractical for your business at the time being. Here are a few reasons why hiring remote IT workers might just be your best option.

Selecting IT Workers from a Bigger Talent Pool

If your business is based in a remote or rural area, chances are that finding the best employees with just the right skill set may be more of a challenge than you are able to conquer. Even urban-based companies can have difficulty finding just the right employee at the price they are willing to pay. Working with remote IT support staff is a great option in both of these cases. You, as an employer, have access to a larger talent pool than you likely would have if you focused exclusively on local candidates.

Furthermore, the availability of highly skilled remote workers is increasing as the flexible work option is attracting more and more industry talent. The worker pool is likely to continue to grow as more businesses realize the benefits of working with IT professionals this way, and more workers decide they would like to break away from the norm.

Remote Workers are More Productive

One of the reasons that many businesses have made the switch to remote workers is because there is a marked increase in productivity of remote hires. For those professionals able to set their own schedule, work from their own preferred locations, the time that is spent getting the job done is more focused and productive. There are fewer distractions and workers remain more engaged. Surprised? You aren’t alone.

According to a recent study organized by Stanford Business School, employees who work from home often outperform their office-based peers due to shorter breaks, using less sick leave, and lower turnover rates. The same study also noted that remote workers are more likely to log longer hours and interact more with their office counterparts. This is likely due to the need to proactively reach out and connect with co-workers and supervisors directly, rather than counting on a chance meeting at the water cooler.

Cost Savings Available to Businesses who Hire Remote Workers

There are obvious cost savings to hiring remote workers, as well. Chiefly, not having to provide access to workspace, along with expensive business phone lines, internet, furniture, even computer hardware and software for remote workers. Operational costs of day-to-day business can be quick to add up. The ability to reduce costs through hiring a remote worker where you can, in this case IT workers, can help lessen the load. With so many options to hire remote workers, through a staffing firm or contractor for example, the opportunities to hire this type of IT staff are becoming increasingly available.

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