Quit or Be Fired? What Should Be Your Next Move?

Many professionals come to a point in their career where they find themselves in a job that is no longer considered a good fit. Whether it’s because the job requirements have changed, the company culture is at odds with your work style or you find yourself butting heads with the people you work with or […]

Are You Aware of Your Job Interview Body Language?

Employers are looking to hire candidates who are skillful, talented and confident. A confident candidate makes for a confident employee who is willing to ask questions, develop knowledge, take risks, and can grow into a good leader over time. It is important that you are able to demonstrate your confidence while being polite and professional […]

How Can You Land a Cyber Security Job?

You’ve likely heard that cyber security is a hot market in the current economy. With near constant advances in technology and exciting opportunities in a wide variety of industries, particularly in the energy market, cyber security professionals seemingly have their pick of high-quality jobs. What’s more, professionals with experience in cyber security are increasingly in […]

Do You Know What Ransomware Is?

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for many professionals. Stolen identities, phishing, and computer viruses are some of the more common dangers most people are familiar with, but ransomware should also be on your radar. This new trend in cyber crime is a serious concern for anyone who uses the Internet. Here’s what you need to […]

Show How You Fit Technically and Culturally

Hiring managers want to find job candidates who meet their job requirements and will also be a great fit with other people in the organization. You know that as a candidate, just as much emphasis is placed on how you communicate what you know in an interview as the technical knowledge behind it. Therefore, you […]

Why Humans Are the Best Defense in Cyber Attacks

The best hacking attempts are the result of human creativity and skill. As such, the best way to fight the most insidious and malicious of these attacks is with humans on the security end as well. As the saying goes, a program is only as smart as the programmer. Here are a few reasons why […]