Market Your Resume Like a Pro

When it’s time to find a job, how you market yourself and your work history can mean the difference between success and pure frustration. All the basics of a job search are still important, but it’s even more important that your resume stands out. Today, employers are getting hundreds if not thousands of resumes in […]

Safety Tips for Your Power Generation Facility

Safety is always the most important aspect of any job. In a power generation facility, this is especially true. You know your employees and their families are counting on you to help enable them to maintain a safe and effective workplace. Follow these tips for keeping your power generation facility and your employees safe on […]

Power Generation Networking Tips

Networking is always one of the major keys in any career, but it doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. And with networking events being few and far between, it’s critical to think strategically about how you are making a name for yourself in the power generation industry. Here are several tips to help you get […]

10 Essential Tools for Engineers

As an engineer, it’s essential to be prepared for anything during the job. These are the tools that every engineer should be familiar with. 1. Eyeglasses or goggles Engineers who do a lot of drilling, hammering, cutting, and sawing want to make sure to protect their eyes from flying shrapnel. If you don’t want to […]

3 Tips for a Successful and Sustainable IT Career

The job market is an ever-moving target. Especially within the tech industry, technology and process improvements are constantly reshaping the landscape for workers. In order to maintain a successful and sustainable career in IT, it’s important to regularly do something to further your professional education or training every year. This will ensure that you are […]

What Not to Say to an Interviewer

During an interview, you are essentially highlighting your talents and why you need to be considered for the job. With that in mind, there are several things you should avoid saying in an interview. Here’s a look at what may raise a red flag from your interviewer. A Lack of Specific Examples In an interview […]