If you are looking for a new information technology job, it’s likely that you want to find one with the right pay and opportunities. Your new role should challenge you to use your skills and provide the right level of compensation for your skills in the current market. But in a fast-changing market, it can be difficult to know whether the jobs you are evaluating will be the right ones for you in the years to come. A big part of the decision-making process that many candidates don’t think about at this stage of the job search process is the benefits that accompany a job or company. Those offerings can make a big difference in your overall happiness and effectiveness on the job, so they are worth a closer look. Here are a few of the benefits top IT professionals are seeking in their future opportunities, and what employers are doing to meet those expectations.

Work Flexibility

Recent studies show that more than half of employees value quality time outside of their daily work over an increase in salary. Workers who do not feel they are able to balance the demands of work and life are more likely to pursue other employment opportunities. Offering flexible work schedules like flexible start and end times, a four-day work week, or telecommuting, help to offset the demands and stresses of working the average full-time job. Other incentives include offering paid time off (PTO) rather than traditional sick leave or vacation, allowing carryover of PTO into the next calendar year, allowing employees to take unpaid leave for family or medical needs, limiting requests for employees to work outside of their normal work hours, etc.

A Strong Benefits Package

Good health benefits, leave time, life insurance and other benefits are a key part of the compensation package that candidates expect from high-quality employers. Be thoughtful in evaluating what benefits you offer to new, and existing, employees. There are a wide of group health and dental insurance coverage packages available today and employers are expected to do the research needed to pick the best one. Keep in mind that many services, such as dental and vision, come with coverage gaps or fees that can leave a potential hire looking for more. A commitment to a strong benefits package is seen as a strong sense of commitment to the health and wellbeing of your employees, which is exactly what employees want to see from their employer.

Alternative Financial Incentives

Industry-leading job candidates are inevitably going to receive multiple offers from different employers eager to attract them to their team. Many of those job offers are going to be highly competitive financially. While one strategy is to simply outbid the competitors, this isn’t necessarily the best way to pick a new job. There are several other strategies employers are using to come out ahead of the competition, even on a limited budget. Consider the stock options if they are offered. Consider the bonus program or other rewards and incentives for those employees who can make a strong impact on the company. To the employers who know that their employees are the foundation of their bottom line. So be open to other financial benefits beyond salary when making your final call about a new employer.

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