5 Hot Engineering Jobs Right Now

Engineering as an industry that has been very rewarding for professionals for many years. But engineering is changing. The work is changing. The way work is done is changing. And what made sense for a job search in engineering a few years ago is long gone. Here is a look at some of the hottest […]

Make Networking Enjoyable (and Successful)

Does professional networking feel like a hassle? Do you always feel like a wallflower at networking events? Are you never quite sure whether your attempts to connect with other professionals have been successful or not? Well, you’re certainly not alone. Professional networking does come naturally to some individuals, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be […]

Align Your Leadership to Company Culture

Have you ever found yourself trying to lead from a position of alienation? That might be the case if your management style is out of step with your business’s corporate culture. Whether your company is traditional in nature or the majority of your staff hold a more progressive mindset, successful leadership depends on your ability […]

Solar Power Changing from Big Projects to Smaller-Scale Projects

Solar power used to be all about utility size projects, large installations, and fast-growing startup companies. But as technologies become more efficient, there is a growing need for smaller-scale projects as well, specifically for businesses, schools, hospitals, even single-family homes. Today we talk about how businesses are adapting to these innovations, and what changes you […]

Is BlackEnergy a Legitimate Cybersecurity Threat?

In today’s current climate of fast-moving technology and cyber attacks, you may be wondering how dangerous the BlackEnergy malware truly is to cybersecurity. In today’s article, we answer the big questions about how BlackEnergy is likely to impact the industry. The Importance of Cybersecurity Cyber threats to energy facilities are insidious and the damage from […]