Solar power used to be all about utility size projects, large installations, and fast-growing startup companies. But as technologies become more efficient, there is a growing need for smaller-scale projects as well, specifically for businesses, schools, hospitals, even single-family homes. Today we talk about how businesses are adapting to these innovations, and what changes you should expect in the job market as a result.

Growing Demand for Residential Solar Power

There is a distinct up-swing in residential demand for small-scale solar power installations. Homeowners are becoming more aware of the cost and energy savings available, as well as reduced environmental impact of daily life and energy consumption. There are also numerous tax incentives available all across the country that are not only making purchase and installation of residential solar power cost effective, but also a smart long-term investment.

Available Training and Certifications

Solar power installation providers are becoming increasingly aware of this demand, and in response are always on the lookout for technically skilled workers and industry talent who are able to convert their green tech knowledge into a great career in the solar power industry. If you are considering a career change or are just coming into the job market, consider getting trained in the technical abilities that will make you attractive in this hot market. Consider getting certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), known as the industry standard for photovoltaic (PV) and solar heating installation certification.

Finding Your Niche

It’s also good for you to find your niche within the solar power industry. Like most gigs in the energy industry, solar power is full of different opportunities. Whether you are a technician, an engineer, a designer, a sales person, a people manager, or even an IT professional, there’s a niche within solar power that is right up your alley. The trick is finding that specialty and applying your unique skill set to focus your abilities on growing your career within the solar power market. This takes time and a little research, but is well worth your efforts in the long term.

Solar Power is Among the Fastest Growing Job Markets

A big push for green jobs back in the early days of our economic recovery has resulted in many opportunities in solar power today. The buoyancy of the market is thanks to a number of factors, including political investments and improvements in technology, but it’s safe to say that the long-term growth of solar power jobs is expected to continue due to ongoing demand for solar power on an increasingly residential level. Small projects can still mean big money, making the solar power industry a projected source of steady and lucrative employment for years to come.

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