Engineering as an industry that has been very rewarding for professionals for many years. But engineering is changing. The work is changing. The way work is done is changing. And what made sense for a job search in engineering a few years ago is long gone. Here is a look at some of the hottest jobs in engineering today and how you can position yourself for success as a modern engineer.

1. Civil Engineering Technician

Jobs in civil engineering are on track to grow at 5% over the coming years. Salaries start at more than $60k per year. And the work is dynamic and important to communities. Civil engineering technicians help civil engineers in the planning and building of infrastructure projects. That includes commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Core responsibilities include determining the size of a structure, reading and reviewing project plans and drawings, testing pre-construction field conditions, and so much more. Civil engineering technicians are the go-to for developing plans and cost estimates for constructing facilities and ensuring that construction aligns to the design specifications and relevant codes. It is a detail-oriented and data-driven job that engineering candidates would find great reward in pursuing.

2. Aerospace engineering technician

Aerospace engineering technicians get to assist aeronautical engineers in the operation and maintenance of the equipment they use to develop, test, and produce new air and spacecraft. Responsibilities may include building and maintaining aircraft system test facilities, installing parts or systems to use in testing equipment, operating and calibrating computer systems, and ensuring tests run safely and smoothly. They record data from tests, program and run computer simulations, and present their findings to team members. This job has a growth outlook of 4% which is as fast as most other industries, and has a national average salary of over $60K per year.

3. Biomedical engineer

A job in the biomedical industry is another hot opportunity that many engineering professionals might be interested in pursuing. Biomedical engineers combine engineering principles with those of medical science to design and develop a variety of devices and equipment for the healthcare industry. Average salaries for engineers in this field range around $75k per year and there’s a steady job growth outlook that notes the opportunity to expand in coming years.

4. Industrial engineer

Industrial engineers have a faster than average job growth outlook. They are relied on to evaluate production processes and look for ways to improve upon systems by creating more efficient systems and eliminating waste. That includes evaluating production schedules, engineering specifications, and process flows. They also develop management control systems and methods to maximize efficiency in the manufacturing process. The national average salary for industrial engineers is $75k per year.

5. Marine engineer

Marine engineers are professionals who design, build, inspect and maintain internal systems of water vehicles. That includes ships, submarines, tankers, and aircraft carriers. They are also responsible for systems that control everything from power to heating and cooling, steering, and hydraulics. In addition, they work with naval architects who design and build the architectural structure and form of those vehicles that surround the systems an engineer focuses on. Job growth outlook is at a fast 9% and the national average salary is almost $80k per year.

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