A good interview is one where both parties are given the opportunity to speak and listen in relatively equal amounts. You as a candidate need to be doing an equal amount of work to learn about the company you are interviewing with, the job, and also the management style you would be working under. Ask questions to help learn about that management style, because in large part, it’s critical to your success as an employee.  

In fact, questions at the interview stage are often better received than simply talking about yourself. Questions initiate discussion and engage your interviewer in a way that is unique to yourself and your experience. They help to establish rapport, something critical to the overall success of an interview. Here are four questions you can ask in your interview to make sure you get the answers you need to make an educated decision.  

What Does Success Look Like in This Role? 

This question is a great one to start with because it will tell you a lot about what the hiring manager expects from the candidate. It also allows you to sell yourself specifically toward their needs and expectations. If the manager says that a successful person in this position needs to be able to achieve results or use specific skills, take the chance to speak to your previous successes relevant to the conversation. Show the interviewer how you are capable of achieving success in similar situations. 

How Would You Describe a Typical Day? 

We recommend candidates ask “what is a typical day like” to get an excellent idea of what a job will be like. This helps open up the conversation between you and an employer about what the responsibilities of the role are, what the schedule will likely be, how the team culture impacts the day to day work environment and many other issues that matter at the end of the day. Even if you don’t know what answer you’re looking for, it’s worth exploring what your interviewer thinks the typical day for someone in this role will be. If it’s clear it’s not for you, now is the time you’ll find out. 

Can You Tell Me a Bit About the Team? 

If you haven’t had the chance to meet your future coworkers, you might be surprised by how much the team culture and attitude might affect your overall impression of the job opportunity. Meeting a supervisor in person is usually expected as part of the interview process. But if you haven’t had the chance to get an impression of the people you will be working with it can be challenging to make a decision. Ask questions about your future coworkers, supervisors, and the overall company culture before you make the final call. 

How Would You Describe Company Culture? 

While it might seem fluffy or inconsequential, the truth is that the unique culture of a company can make a significant difference in your success. Ask this question with a critical eye toward listening to the response because every company will tell you their culture is “great.” Ask them why it’s great. What type of employees thrive in this setting? How is a work-life balance achieved? What sorts of opportunities are there for professional development and advancement? How much work is executed collectively vs. independently? How do employees communicate with each other? With supervisors? When do people typically arrive and leave work each day? How is success measured? You want to have a clear understanding of how your role fits into the larger ecosystem, the political landscape, and whether it will serve you to join a company that is at odds with your personal cultural working style. 

ESGI Can Help Find the Company for You

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