We live and work in a globalized environment. The sun might set on one corner of the planet, but it rises in another and businesses eager to capitalize on a global customer base need to acknowledge the difficulties associated with that. Companies need leaders with a global focus. Here are a few ways you can become that kind of manager.

Be Proactive

The digital transformation of the manufacturing and energy industries has meant that many companies are in need of some additional training to stay ahead of the competition. To recognize this and keep up with the latest trends in Big Data and the Internet of Things, managers should actively seek out and work their way into training opportunities as soon as a new process or technology becomes of clear value to their company or their industry. That kind of forward-thinking proactive behavior is what helps businesses keep pace and get ahead of their competition globally.

Beyond technological opportunities, a global manager can also seek out training to better connect with a global customer base. Learning a new language, taking the time to travel, seeking out connections and networking opportunities with international professionals can also help you be proactive in your role as manager on a global scale. Recognizing that business is no longer just about meeting the needs of customers who live in your city, state, or country, managers need to expand their horizons and become more globalized themselves.

Emphasize Teamwork and Collaboration

Great teamwork skills and the ability to bring people together in collaboration is important for every manager. But a manager with a global focus is one who can do so with the added difficulty of coordinating workers across cultural and geographical divides. Working with a team across multiple time zones creates its own unique – but not insurmountable – problems. Finding a way to bridge that divide, whether through technology or working styles, a globally focused manager has the ability to bring people together in pursuit of a common goal.

Learning what tools and processes work best for your company within a global context is important. Understand how you will facilitate the communication and interactions that your team will need to do their job on a global level. Anticipate the obstacles and focus on solutions for long-term success.

Encourage Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the workplace is of growing importance in an international business environment. When working with multiple different ethnicities, genders, age, and lifestyles, there can be difficulties in maintaining a strong team-focused environment. But a manager with global perspective recognizes the value of building a diverse workforce.

Employing workers from multiple different backgrounds provides tangible benefits to an organization. There are measurable increases in productivity, creativity, language skills and company reputation. Growth comes from innovation and the pursuit of new ideas. Hiring and supporting workers of all backgrounds incorporates the unique perspectives and business acumen from each individual. In a global economy, companies who cannot understand large demographics of their own customers are setting themselves up for failure.

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