A recent report by the U.S. Department of Energy states that the Obama administration is seeking to increase American wind power by as much as 35 percent by the year 2050. That’s an exciting and ambitious goal considering that only 4.5 percent of our current electricity comes from wind power, but clearly the industry is on the rise. Wind power is expected to more than double electrical output by 2020.

What does that mean for the energy industry? In order to meet those goals, the wind power industry will need to expand by a significant amount over the next 40 years, which will inevitably result in a drastic increase in construction, operation, and maintenance jobs in the field of energy development and supply.

A New Era of Wind Power

Written by the Department of Energy, the new report titled ‘Wind Vision: A New Era of Wind Power in the United States” is based on more precise industry projections than its predecessor, the 2008 report known as “20% Wind Energy by 2030”. It is more aggressive in its projections as well, at least in the long term. The Obama administration stresses the importance of using wind power as a clean source of energy in support of its Climate Action Plan, and projects an increase in wind-powered electricity to also make a positive impact on the environment and the economy.

Wind is a Top Choice for American Electricity

The report summarizes that wind-based renewable energy remains one of the country’s best options for low-cost, carbon-neutral electricity. Furthermore, improved technology has resulted in more reliable and cheaper facilities. An increased pace in the development of wind farm facilities across the country has already begun to take place.

Benefits of Wind Power

Wind power is a popular choice for carbon neutral, domestic energy. The Department of Energy report emphasizes the goal of reducing carbon emissions mostly generated by the burning of fossil fuels, as well as the need to reduce energy costs and generate more jobs to support our tentative economic recovery.

Meeting Increased Energy Demands

The growth of the wind power industry has seemed to exceed many expectations in recent years. But with a constantly rising demand for low-cost and environmentally friendly energy, it makes a lot of sense. The Department of Energy report sets a projected growth rate for wind based electricity of up to 10 percent by 2020, 20 percent by 2030, and then 35 percent by the year 2050. According to industry executive Tom Kiernan of the American Wind Energy Association, this is an achievable goal, stating that “the industry stands ready to achieve these numbers.”

This is great news for job seekers, as the report also estimates that the industry would create an additional 230,000 jobs by 2030 if the market keeps up with projections.  With the support and technical assistance from the renewable energy industry, as well as academic leaders and private investment, the Obama administration has set some ambitious – but by all accounts attainable – goals within this report.

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