Today’s job market is a completely different beast than what it was even 10 years ago. The internet has changed the way people do business, the way businesses recruit job candidates, and the way candidates are vetted. Social media in particular is a unique tool that many candidates may not be using to their full advantage.

Take LinkedIn for example. LinkedIn is currently recognized as the top social networking site for professional networking and career development. Here are some examples of why social media is worth learning about and how LinkedIn can help launch your career.

Professional Networking

The top reason most people join LinkedIn is to participate in professional networking. You can build your network by connecting with people you know, former employers, former co-workers, and other professionals in your field. Your LinkedIn profile is like an online resume, cover letter, portfolio, address book, and blog combined. Other professionals are actively reaching out to people like yourself to help build and expand the reach of their network. This helps to create real connections that can result in professional relationships and career opportunities in the real world.

Job Listings and Corporate Recruiting

You may not be aware of this, but LinkedIn is also one of the most valuable job listing sites on the internet today. Companies are actively posting jobs and recruiting on LinkedIn. Be sure your profile presents your skills and work experience to the best of your ability so that recruiters are impressed with your web presence and more likely to consider you for a position. It’s easy for you as a LinkedIn member to follow the companies you are interested in learning more about and being quickly notified once they post a new position. Also, LinkedIn will send you job alerts directly with the sort of openings you might be qualified for, based on your profile and past searches.


Endorsements are a good way for former co-workers and employers to show their support of your skills and abilities to future employers. Consider this feature of LinkedIn to be like abbreviated letters of recommendation. Obviously, some endorsements are more valuable than others. For example, family members and former roommates don’t hold as much sway as a high-profile client or mentor. But overall, endorsements are a quick way for recruiters and potential employers to see that you are easy to work with and competent at your job.


Interest and Professional Groups are an exciting feature of LinkedIn because they can help you connect with people you have not worked with in the past. Search for and request to join groups relevant to your interests and your industry. Group discussions are a good way to learn about a new topic, and build relationships with professionals you may not otherwise have the opportunity to speak with. Networking events, conferences, and job fairs are often publicized through LinkedIn groups so members are often more in the know than people who do not participate. They can give you a real edge in your job hunt or career development.

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