For those professionals who are able to go back to school to advance their degrees, there is so much to learn and opportunities to take in advanced engineering. Here are just a few of the most exciting opportunities in the engineering field that can help you drive your career forward in new and interesting directions.  

Engineering students often find quick and profitable job placements after choosing to enroll in advanced education programs. Many engineering professionals even find that they earn back any tuition payments with a higher-paying job within five years or less. A graduate-level engineering degree can increase a professional’s salary by almost 40%. Advanced degrees also allow for the flexibility to change career tracks. Here are a few of the best opportunities.  

Chemical engineering 

Chemical engineers use chemical formulas and compounds to solve real-world problems. Ones in graduate programs often end up specializing in agricultural engineering, sustainable design, or materials science. These industries are consistently in demand so job opportunities are on the rise.  

Electrical engineering 

In the field of electrical engineering, professionals work with different forms of energy. This can include solar, hydro, and wind energy. Specializations available are nanoengineering, biomedical engineering, systems and control engineering, and power systems. This is cutting-edge technology that really makes the learning as rewarding as the work. 

Environmental engineering  

Environmental engineering asks a professional to design products and systems to improve the environment. Specializations in environmental engineering include sustainability, ecological engineering, water resources engineering, and geophysics. Given the complexities of natural systems and the importance of our environmental wellbeing, this is also highly rewarding work.  

Civil engineering 

Civil engineering degrees for master’s degree students involve working in developing key infrastructure elements. They design and build railways, buildings, roads, and bridges. Specializations include structural engineering and architectural engineering. Civil engineers are the ones who are building the world as we experience it. They understand the complexities and their employers understand how critical they are to the work they do. 

Computer engineering 

Computer engineering graduate programs teach advanced concepts in developing and designing software and hardware. Tracks within the field of computer engineering at the graduate level include cyber security, software engineering, and network management, all of which are highly in demand. This makes job marketing extra hot for recent graduates who are fresh and ready to tackle the most important problems facing the world today.  

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