Generation Z is defined as the group of individuals born after the mid-90s, and they are the next generational wave to hit the workforce. Employers may have just started to understand the Millennial workforce and now will have to wrap their heads around this new group of workers as well. Estimated to reach a population of 80 million, companies will inevitably see this new group of workers influencing their bottom line. As Generation Z’s attitude and lifestyle are influenced by the events and culture of their time, understanding this new workforce is an important goal for employers who are interested in hiring young workers. Today’s article will discuss the wants and needs, as well as the qualities of Generation Z workers and what you can do to attract them to your team.

Understanding a New Generation

If you are wondering what makes Gen Z individuals different, the answer often comes back to their lifestyle choices. Generation Z kids grew up surrounded by the latest technological trends and devices. They use their smartphones more than desktop computers, watch the least amount of TV per day in the past four generations, and are hyper-aware of advertising, and often go out of their way to avoid it. Gen Z tends to be drawn toward the latest gadgets and prefers cool products over cool experiences. They create the culture they thrive in, with an entrepreneurial spirit with the ways and means to have their voices heard. Overall, they are an exciting, potentially disruptive group who are sure to make a large impact as they step into their careers.

Gen Z at Work

Generation Z workers are entrepreneurial and naturally tech-savvy. They are greatly aware of their need and ability to collaborate and manage others. They are skilled at online research, with far-reaching technological skills, and have an eye for innovation. This workforce is still relatively new. Many workers have only a bachelor’s degree, but a college education is still of value to them. They are considered less idealistic than their Millennial predecessors. Gen Z workers have a practical and realistic world view. This comes from having grown up in an era defined by economic recession, terrorism, and other complexities. They are increasingly aware of the value of privacy and, at the same time, are highly skilled at multitasking. All these characteristics require employers to look at recruitment and retention of these Generation Z workers a little differently.

Communicating with Generation Z

To reach this group of skilled and innovative workers, you must learn to speak their language. Identify the correct social platforms and communication channels to reach these young workers. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are no longer the social media channels of choice. Snapchat and Instagram are where you can find a Generation Z audience. Similarly, mobile marketing and recruitment are likely more fruitful than traditional channels as well. Gen Z individuals prefer consuming video content. Therefore, consider doing away with lengthy blogs or job descriptions. Be respectful of their time and attention. Be sure to keep communications brief and to the point. If you don’t, you risk losing their interest before getting your message across.

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