Sometimes the right job for you isn’t as clear-cut as what’s currently being offered. There are signs you should look for to make sure you are setting yourself up for career success. Getting the right IT job takes patience and consideration. Here are some of our best tips to help you find and land the right job for you.

  1. Know What You Want

This is the most important and often the most challenging thing about finding the “right job.” Only you can say what is right for you. And then you need to do the legwork to go and earn it. But defining what is a need, what is a want, and what your skills are aligned to in terms of work in the IT industry does take some soul searching. Is the right job about salary for you? Is it about flexibility? Is it about the team or the mission of the company? Start by writing down what you are looking for, then build out your list with what you bring to the table. Getting crystal clear on your idea of the right job, what you are flexible about, and what a deal breaker is will help you find the right job when you really dive into the job market. Otherwise, you’re no better off taking the next job that’s offered to you and hoping for the best.

  1. Look for Leadership Opportunities

When placed in a leadership position, you can count on the opportunity to prove your worth to your new employer, client, and coworkers. However, leadership opportunities come in many forms, so don’t overlook jobs that are not by definition supervisory in nature. Even as a teacher, trainer, or project manager, you can make a real difference in the impact of a team. Ask interviewers how they see the job as being one with leadership potential. Showing them that you value those skills in yourself will be sure to make a positive impression. And if they don’t have a good answer for you, perhaps it’s worth holding out for a job that does.

  1. Look for Growth Opportunities

Growth within a role is very important for your long-term career. Employers look for applicants who have shown improvement in skills and the taking on of increasing responsibility for a single employer as a benchmark of which candidate will hold long-term potential. Additionally, there are plenty of reasons to want growth opportunities to maintain engagement and interest in a job for the long term. There needs to be a career path option because you don’t want to be stuck in a dead-end job. Make sure you actively seek out such opportunities in your job search so that you focus your efforts on the jobs that will make you happy in the long run.

  1. Look for Opportunities Where Your Skills are Valued

If you are considering joining a team of employees all very similar to yourself and your skillsets, ask yourself what the special something is that can help you stand out. It might not be the right job for you if you are just another cog in the machine. Seek out those jobs where you bring something no one else can bring to the role. Your areas of expertise matter, but your passions and your background also bring unique skills and knowledge to a role. Look for those jobs where you are unique in what you bring to the table, and you will feel much more fulfilled and happier in your role.

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