Thanksgiving is an important time of year for your business because it gives everyone a moment to pause and think about what they have to be thankful for. Showing gratitude to clients and customers is a common way to celebrate the season. But your employees should also be on your list of what you are grateful for. Without them, your business would not survive. Here are five unique ways to stand out from other employees and really show your team how much you appreciate them this holiday season.  

Don’t knock the basics

A holiday bonus or a consumable treat are common but very much appreciated holiday gifts for employees. If it sounds a little cliché to cater lunch for the team or even a simple gift card to the local coffee shop, that little something extra is what employees cherish at this time of year.

Share a surprise

An excellent way to show how much you appreciate your employees is with a surprise day when they can leave early. This is a great chance for them to either spend more time with their family, to prepare for the holiday season or even just to relax. The holidays can be a stressful time for many people, so giving them a little extra time to do what is important to them can be a very nice surprise.

Say thanks genuinely

Hand-written thank you notes are still one of the best ways to show someone they are important to you. Personalized notes that are thoughtfully written can be very impactful and show your employees that you care for them and appreciate their support. While a template thank you card might not have the same level of significance to a reader, one that is specific to the support they give and appreciative of their individual contribution can go a long way to winning loyalty and connecting deeply with your team.

Give them a choice

Consider, as a thank you, to let your employees choose their next project. So long as the request is made within reason, there is really a lot to gain from providing them the freedom to do what they want so long as it serves the larger business goals. This not only acts as a sign of trust and appreciation on your part as a manager, but it can also lead to more engaged employees and more business success in the long term. Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking often come from employee contributed ideas. Give them a little extra leash to test out their new ideas and see where it takes you.

Everyone loves a party

Of course, a holiday party is a classic thank you gift from employer to employee. It’s a great way to help employees connect on a more casual level than their day-to-day work engagements. They enjoy socializing and decompressing a little outside the routine. Something else you could do is organize an event to bring everyone together to give thanks to other people outside the organization. Share a building with other companies? Think you could connect with some clients? Want to make a difference in your community with a volunteer activity? These are all great ways to bring your employees together and contribute to something larger than yourself and even your business. Your team will feel good that they are part of something bigger than themselves, and your business will feel the benefits of great networking opportunities.

These and so many other great ideas are just the beginning. Connect with our team today to learn more about how to grow your team and stay top of market through the holidays and beyond.


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