Technology changes fast, so you have to change with it. Especially in the power industry, new technologies have been revolutionizing and disrupting everything from consumer expectations to processes within power generation facilities. But being able to adapt and grow continuously is critical to keeping up with the industry. And that is a skill you need to learn and practice to see the benefit in your career. This post will go into more info describing how important this skill is, as well as explore some of the most exciting breakthroughs of recent years.  

Embracing Continued Education 

Some employers are able to provide ongoing education opportunities to employees, but not all have that luxury. Sometimes the incentive for extra professional development needs to come from experience, industry trends, and everyday learning opportunities. While it can be great, not everyone can go back to college for a traditional degree. It could be in house training in new software programs or new tools and devices that will take your workflow into the modern, digital age. Safety and on the job health training is also a great investment. Make sure you pick training programs that will measurably serve your career, but always try to learn what’s driving business decisions in your industry so that when change does come, you’re not left behind with the other out-dated programs.  

IoT Disruption 

The Internet of Things has been an interesting subject of exploration for several years now, but that doesn’t mean it’s done changing the way work is done. A more connected world means a more digital world, and if you don’t have the skills to interact with those edge devices, you’re going to be left behind by those professionals who do. From understanding how city planning has become interconnected with the web to improve city living, traffic management, even how parking, energy use, and water consumption might be influenced by access to the web, these changes are doing more than just collecting data, they are changing our way of life as a global community. Looking even further into the future, you’re looking at self-driving cars, smart cities, digital manufacturing, and more. The possibilities are endless, but only to those looking to learn and test and fail big so they can learn even more.   

Figuring Out the Cloud 

Cloud computing has similarly revolutionized how we think about data management. It’s how we access entertainment, store files, even address digital security. Security virtualization is all about keeping regular controls and policies aligned across multiple data environments. This helps keep data integrity inside and outside of an organization. And the cloud makes it possible. The vast applications that leverage the cloud are ever-expanding, but understanding how the cloud could be leveraged within your organization takes research and exploration of cutting edge technologies that are quickly making changes to how business is being done throughout an industry. Figuring out the cloud is all about finding ways to bring your data, your various customer touchpoints, or processes into a digital environment and working within it for greater connectivity and impact.   

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