The rapid pace of modern technology has moved the power generation industry forward in leaps and bounds in recent years. But no other technological advance has had quite the same level of impact for energy companies than artificial intelligence, or AI. Having experience or knowledge about how AI directly effects the work you do daily has immense value to your current and future employers. Here’s a quick look at how AI can help drive your power generation career into the future.

A Career in Artificial Intelligence

Automation is quickly and dramatically changing the work environment and many jobs are becoming outdated or transformed with the addition of robots and other forms of artificial intelligence. From machine learning engineers to AI research and data scientists, there are so many exciting opportunities in the field of AI.

While to fully become an expert in AI, you will need to explore further education and research as this is such a new area of expertise. But you might be interested to know that there are several AI skills can help you do your job better and faster, that many people already have experience working within their daily work and life outside of work. Examples include interacting with chatbots, voice assistants, or virtual reality. Automation and the Internet of Things have already taken the manufacturing world by storm. It’s a logical next step that AI will have similar impacts on the energy industry as well. Look at what you know about the modern era of power generation and start exploring how AI and automation may impact your company to find the direction you should be looking to grow to meet the demand for experts of the future.

Artificial Intelligence in Power Generation

So, what does this all mean for the power generation industry? Quite a lot. Companies like Siemens have released software capable of operating grids autonomously. Siemens’ program, referred to as active network management (ANM), tracks how a grid interacts with various load conditions and adjusts variable components to in response to different loads of energy to increase efficiency.  ANM can improve grid stability, voltage control, peak load management, and real-time situation analysis.

Schneider Electric uses ML and advanced pattern recognition to provide asset performance solutions through its Asset Performance Management (APM) programs. Schneider reports that Duke Energy prevented an estimated $35 million loss by using predictive analysis that identified a steam turbine problem. ABB also uses AI and ML through cloud-based programs in its ABB Ability solutions program to offer everything from industrial automation to asset maintenance programs that manage terra-bytes of T&D O&M data.

It all makes a good deal of sense, that now we are moving into an age when the most menial tasks can be assigned to machines or automated processes. Artificial Intelligence will help us do the same offloading of menial mental work so that we can focus on the bigger picture and advance to the next big breakthroughs in modern power generation.

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