New work assignments are always exciting, but they come with new challenges too. Using your talents to succeed on the job feels good and working on a contract assignment will provide you with the necessary exposure to the professional world that will help you really launch your career. But fitting in with your colleagues and joining a new team can seem a little daunting.

When starting your next contract assignment, there are a few things that you can keep in mind to ease the transition. From fitting in with team members and displaying progress in your work and career, your contract assignment can turn into more than just a gig with the right planning and mindset.
Here are four ways you can make sure you fit in with the rest of the team on your next contract.

1. Make your first impression a knowledgeable one

On your first day, make a good knowledge-filled impression on all your colleagues. But don’t overdo it. People love a smart person, but they despise a know-it-all. Don’t be an annoying addition to the working group but be a person of talent who is smart enough to take in as much knowledge as they provide. You can be sure that your good first impression will make your team like you more and involve you in important decisions they make in future.

2. Have a clear set of expectations and do your job

It can be exciting to start a new contract, and you don’t want to lose that energy. But also remember to direct it to the appropriate tasks. Make sure you understand what is expected of you and ask for regular feedback to make sure you stay on track. Keep your head clear of any extra thoughts and have a clear set of expectations of what you want to learn from this opportunity. Contracts can send your career catapulting in the right direction so long as you know what you are looking to gain from them. Go and do the job you’re assigned to do with a clear mind and clear expectations.

3. Learn from the opportunity and share learnings too

An assignment works best when the whole staff is working together to bring out the best results. Be receptive when it comes to learning new techniques and skills, but also be sure to provide your unique perspective and experience. Share your talents with other members of your team, after all that’s why they brought you onboard. Try to be both a leader and a learner at the same time.

4. Appreciate the opportunity and become better in the process

Contract opportunities provide a person with a great amount of exposure and experience in a very short amount of time. And working with a separate set of skilled colleagues also is a great learning opportunity in itself. Appreciate the chance that you’ve been given and make sure you take advantage of the opportunity by becoming a better and more skillful person than you were before.

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