People quit their jobs every day. Whether it’s due to lack of opportunity, frustration with the work or the environment, or moving on to a better gig, career mobility is something almost all professionals consider at least once in their work lives. Most people leave their job to move on to new companies, but this isn’t necessarily the only option. If you are looking for a change in your career, here’s a few reasons why you should consider sticking with your company but trying out a new role instead. The results may surprise you. Here’s why.

Explore how to move internally whether through a promotion or departmental shift

If you feel you are not being adequately challenged in your current situation, consider talking to your boss about a departmental shift. But before you do that, make sure that you understand how the department you are looking to make a move to operates and if you will be challenged there too. It must be a department that you are prepared to succeed in and have the skills needed to make a contribution within. That means preparing yourself accordingly before making the leap.

Alternatively, talk to your manager about what it would take for you to get a promotion, ideally one that will give you more responsibilities and challenges that engage you. If you have been dedicated to your work and have been advancing within your role, this is a perfectly reasonable request. This helps you broach the issue of your dissatisfaction with your role in a way where you don’t have to leave the company.

Boomerang back to previous employer

With this method, you quit your present job but rather than go on to look for a new place of work, you return to a previous company. This can be a tricky move if not done carefully however. You must ensure that the work place you are looking forward to returning to is satisfying and worthwhile. Really think about why you left, and whether it’s worth your time to go back. If you left because of an unfavorable condition or due to some practices that you consider unprofessional, it’s possible that those problems have been solved in your absence, but you have no real guarantee. But if you had good relationships and strong experiences with a previous employer, there’s no reason why you won’t have a positive experience again should the opportunity arise.

Try out new roles on contract

While it doesn’t sound as secure, another option is to try out a few new roles on short-term contract. This provides you with excellent opportunities to build new skills and grow your network without locking you in to a long-term commitment. Consider approaching your current manager about temporary opportunities. They may be more open to the thought of having you test out different roles before fully investing in the change.

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