Going through a change in your career can be nerve-wracking. It can even impact your sleep, which in turn can impact your performance, which will then impact your career. You must remember to take care of yourself during this time of elevated anxiety. Be confident in yourself and your skills, and if you’re still struggling to fall asleep, here’s something you can do to get your mind on track.

Write It Down

A common source of sleepless nights is untamed worry or overthinking the things that you need to do to take the next step in your career. While all these thoughts are racing through your head when you should be calming down to fall asleep, consider taking some time to write them down. Writing down your thoughts, your goals, the steps you see yourself taking to achieve those goals, even your worries and any roadblocks you see will help you focus your mind, tame the anxiety, and get some rest.

Writing to-do lists is a great way to help yourself fall asleep more quickly. They help us hold ourselves accountable during busy times and keep important tasks from getting buried throughout the day.  This helps the mind relax about looming deadlines and tasks that need to be accomplished once you have a clear understanding of everything that’s on your plate.

Focus on the Positive

If you are an expert to-do list writer but are still experiencing those sleepless nights, here’s something else you can try. Write down all the tasks that you have accomplished in the past 24 hours. This will help you think about your successes and focus on the positive at least a little before you try to rest. Positive psychology has been found to help subjects experience more happiness and more relaxation in their daily life. However, it’s not enough just to rest on your laurels. Studies have also shown that it’s important to get clarity on your next steps to allow the mind to relax and get a good night’s sleep. By listing out our accomplishments we can cheer ourselves up, but by confronting our unfinished list of tasks, it’s the to-do list that allows us to feel less stressed and more prepared for the coming day.

The Power of Journaling

Researchers theorize that to-do lists and journaling, in general, help us relax into sleep mode by offloading some of our worries onto the written page. Being able to do more than just run through list after list of things that we still need to do, it’s a clever idea to hash out your feelings, your thoughts, and your blockers on paper. This allows us to counteract some of those critical nighttime difficulties when it comes to falling asleep. Journaling as a practice has long been found to help boost creativity and relieve anxiety before high-pressure events, such as an interview or start to a new job. It’s a great way to define objectives and goals to help drive ourselves forward even through times of stress and anxiety.

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