There are some incredible technologies coming onto the market today. From big data to the Internet of Things, digital disruption is having a huge impact on everyday life and work as well. Something that has long been forecasted to threaten jobs is artificial intelligence (commonly referred to as AI). Robots and automated processes have already replaced human workers in industries such as manufacturing, but now we’re beginning to see an increasing number of “smart” and “creative” jobs suffering a similar fate. While this is all very exciting, it is worth noting that these particular jobs will likely fall to the convenience and power of AI. Here are the four tech jobs most threatened by AI today.

1. Tech Support

Customer service and tech support are quickly becoming the realm of chatbots. When automated phone systems became increasingly popular to help customers get the answers they needed quickly and more efficiently, it was a logical next step to have AI-powered bots do the same online. Facebook’s recent unveiling of chatbots for its Messenger app has laid the foundation for more businesses to have easy access to customer service and tech support bots built right into their Facebook page. While some bots are more effective than others, the technology is improving every day. And it’s clear that in the long term, the common problems that customer experience and rely on tech support to solve can be quickly and easily responded to by bots.

2. Programmer

AI platforms are starting to “think” more creatively which means that simple programming tasks are at risk as well. If you create software for a living, the creativity and problem solving required to write code were once thought to be a uniquely human achievement. But as AI gets smarter and more “human” in its ability, programming is the logical next step. Automation has already taken over many of the tasks linked to building and maintaining software. It’s only a matter of time before a larger group of developers finds their jobs under threat as well.

3. SysAdmin

The true value of automation and AI is based in the opportunity for businesses and professionals to do more with fewer resources. When it comes to the maintenance of IT stacks, a highly critical job in the tech industry, corporate executives can see an important opportunity to achieve that goal. The fewer bodies needed to maintain uptime, manage performance, and keep things secure, means better business for everyone.

4. Advanced Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is already full of automation and AI, helping companies produce more products, better products, and cheaper products every day. But as the manufacturing processes become more complex, there has long been optimism that skilled workers will remain necessary to keep the machines running. That might not be the case though. Machines are becoming smarter, faster, and more responsive than ever before, and might soon be in charge of managing themselves.

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