If a hiring manager has taken time out of their busy schedules to interview you for an open position, you can be sure that you are one of the lucky few. Following up with an impersonal thank-you note fails to show the appropriate respect if you are truly invested in the company and opportunity. In such cases, a well written and personalized thank you note will do wonders for you prospects. Today’s blog will share with you the advantages of writing a more personalized thank you note to cement in your future manager’s mind that you are the best person for the job.

Show Your Commitment

By writing something more than a quick note that simply says thank you for your time, you are showing exactly how invested in the opportunity you really are. Writing a personalized note takes a little time and thought, and frankly most candidates who are looking for any job that comes their way are unlikely to spend the time on crafting a thoughtful thank you.

You can use that to your advantage. Show your commitment to the opportunity by writing something more. You can reemphasize your skills and qualifications that best align with the responsibilities depicted in the job description, or better yet call back to your recent interview with reference to a specific topic of conversation or discussion that went over well in a one-on-one setting.

Show Your Personality

Hiring managers are looking for what makes you unique, so taking the time to write a more personalized thank you note really is a must do. Avoid canned messages or clichéd templates, and instead think about what it is that makes this job special. Don’t be afraid to show your personality (while still retaining your professionalism). It can help you stand out from the crowd.

Show Your Respect

A thoughtful thank you should be sincerely and professionally written. A half-thought or poorly written note will do more harm than good, so really take the time to perfect your language, check for errors, and show your prospective employer that their good will means a lot to you. Show your respect through a more personalized thank you, reiterating why you appreciate them taking the time to speak with you, how your experiences line up with the job requirements, and how you feel that you are a perfect fit for the company culture.

You show respect through close attention to detail, a professional presentation, and your in depth understanding of the job description and how the opportunity fits into the grander scheme of the company’s hiring needs and pain points. The last thing you want is to say something in a thank you note that makes an interviewer think you may not take the application process as seriously as they do. Recruiting takes up a lot of time and resources. As such it is important to express your gratitude in a professional and personalized manner.

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