Workplace safety is a critical element of a high-quality work place. You want to make sure the company you are working for is as committed to your safety as you are. But in the rush and hustle of a high-pressure work environment, employees can often overlook safety protocols. Don’t let other stressors reduce your focus on building and participating in a safe workplace. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Encourage a good safety culture through active participation in safety programs. Here are five tips everyone can participate in to make sure your workplace is a safe environment.

  1. Prevent Simple Accidents

Falls and slips are common, but easily avoidable accidents in most workplaces. But even the nonfatal injuries that may result from these accidents are worth taking seriously. Lost time at work and insurance claims lead to negative impacts for everyone on a team. Considering that, such slips, trips and falls are easily prevented by simply keeping workplaces clean and orderly.

  1. Reduce Fire Hazards

Employees have a lot of power to protect themselves against fire-based accidents. Staying up to date on safety trainings and keeping combustible materials from building up will help reduce unnecessary risk. According to OSHA, combustible material should be stored in covered receptacles and disposed of on a regular basis. These simple acts will help keep your workplace safer and cleaner.

  1. Control Dust

Dust seems pretty innocuous, especially in the workplace, but breathing in large amounts of particulates can be bad for your health and an explosion hazard in high quantities. Do what you can to reduce dust buildup. Vacuuming up dust while it is produced is the preferred method of controlling this workplace hazard. A simple sweep and wash-down are two other options to reduce dust build up.

  1. Prevent Falling Objects

Similar to tip 1, preventing falling objects is a simple but powerful way to empower workers within their own workplace. Making sure that overhead tools and supplies or materials are stored away properly and safely, is a simple but effective way to reduce risk in the workplace and limit accidents. If you notice areas where overhead safety can be improved, perhaps the addition of toe boards or rails on shelving units, you should feel free to speak up. Management is sometime unable to see the workplace from the same perspective as their employees, and as such they often count on staff to bring such issues to their attention prior to an accident taking place.

  1. Reduce Clutter

A cluttered workspace is an unsafe workspace. Just as improperly stored objects can pose a falling risk, or spills and leaks on the floor can result in tripping accidents, clutter itself can be a problem. Possible injuries and ergonomics issues are often the result of an untidy workspace. It is easy enough for workers to return tools and materials to their proper place, but it is up to the team as a whole to encourage such behavior and make safety a priority.

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