So you’re ready to jump into the job market, with your sights set on a technical career. Wonder how applying for a technical job might differ from other, non technical jobs? The job market is naturally competitive. What should you do to make your resume stand out in a field of professionals? What unique features or content should you focus on in your resume? Read on for a number of helpful tips for crafting an engaging technical resume.

Tip #1 – Communicate Your Technological Skills Effectively

The number one tip for crafting an effective resume is to make sure you are selling your skill set well on your resume. While it’s true that communication skills may be a bit lower on the list of priorities for a technical professional, that doesn’t mean you can be lax with your writing and editing skills on a resume. Use powerful action words to describe your qualifications. Double check your spelling and sentence structure. Make sure you display your communication skills in how you present your technological skills on a resume, and you will present yourself as a candidate in a professional and engaging way.

Tip #2 – Include a Technical Summary

That being said, the bulk of your resume should be focused on selling your technical skills. Make sure they are front and center with a technical summary so that a potential employer is not left digging for the material they are really looking for. A section that outlines your technical expertise in a clear, concise manner will make you appear knowledgeable, organized, and technically skilled than other candidates who fail to highlight their experience. Consider including information such as technical certifications, experience working with hardware, operating systems, protocols, programming, or Web applications. Keep in mind that you’ll be asked to elaborate on your experience in an interview, so be prepared for follow-up questions.

Tip #3 – Focus on Results

While an employer wants to know who you are as a job candidate, what they really want to know is what you can do for them as an employee. To show a company what you’re capable of, make sure your descriptions of past job experience is focused on results. Rather than describing whether you were effective in a position, give examples of how you effected change, or how the company grew due to your efforts. Be specific and use quantitative examples to better illustrate your achievements in a technological market.

Tip #4 – Use Tech-Savvy Keywords

In today’s age of online job applications, smart use of keywords is important for most professionals. However, for those pursuing a technical career, it is even more crucial. Of course, the keywords to use depend on your target job and individual qualifications. Specific programs and applications are likely a good source for keywords. Also, the job description itself is a wealth of keywords. Some other sources include other technology jobs, as well as industry news and marketing material.

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