Ready to Embrace Technical Consulting for Your Career Pivot?

Seizing Opportunities in Technical Consulting Explore the realm of possibilities by pivoting your career to technical consulting. Discover the dynamic landscape that awaits those ready to embrace change and redefine their professional trajectory. The Power of Technical Consulting: A Paradigm Shift Elevating Your Expertise Unleash your potential by bringing your technical expertise to the forefront. […]

Powering Your Business: Energy and IT Staffing

In the fast-paced world of today, businesses must harness the power of cutting-edge technology to stay competitive. This entails not only having the right IT infrastructure but also a dedicated team of professionals to ensure its seamless operation. Welcome to the dynamic realm of Energy and IT Staffing, where your business’s success story begins. Meeting […]

Exploring Non-Traditional Energy Careers: From Policy Advocacy to Environmental Consulting

The energy industry is undergoing a significant transformation as it shifts towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. While traditional energy roles in engineering and operations remain essential, there’s a growing demand for professionals in non-traditional energy careers. In this blog post, we’ll illuminate the unconventional yet rewarding career paths in the energy sector, such as policy […]

How Is Energy Storage Growing in 2019?

There are many dramatic changes taking place to energy policy in the United States in recent years. But it’s pretty plain to see that energy storage is positioned to have its biggest year yet. As utilities plan to decarbonize their systems, many see the current boom in natural gas generation as a “bridge” to a […]

Interview Question: How Do Microgrids Solve Energy Problems?

When you’re preparing for an interview in the energy industry, you need to be ready to talk about microgrids. The renewable energy industry has seen substantial growth in recent years, but there is some hesitation from utilities to rely entirely on technologies such as solar and wind power for one important reason – reliability. Microgrids […]

How to Find a Power Generation Job That Is Flexible

Finding a job that meets your needs is as important as an employer finding a candidate that meets their needs. That goes for the role, the compensation, and increasingly so the flexibility as well. But finding a power generation job that is flexible in the ways you need most can be a challenge if you […]