The Best ‘Soft Skills’ to Give You an Edge in the Workplace

Soft skills are the key attributes that help professionals excel in their careers. These skills are often less tangible and less quantifiable than hard skills, which are specific technical skills required for a particular job. Soft skills can be applied across industries, job titles, and functions, and can be honed over time through experience and […]

6 Transferable Skills You Should Bring to Your Next Job

Transferable skills are very sought after in the energy industry. When building out your resume and preparing for interviews to find your next job in this market, make sure to highlight skills like verbal communication, writing, and computer skills. These are critical skills needed to survive in today’s business world, and just about every job […]

Your Space is Growing Fast – Here’s How You Can Stand Out

While it is safe to say that the job market was reasonably competitive before the global pandemic, you can be assured that right now, employers are even pickier about who they are bringing on board. While the dramatic increase in unemployment rates has meant for a huge increase in job seekers, the tried and true […]

How You Can Stand Out Among Other Engineering Talent

What can make you stand out as a candidate in a crowded field of talented engineers? The answers might surprise you. But what shouldn’t surprise you is the depth of talent in your field. Competition may often be stiff, especially from a technical standpoint. Given the qualifications and talent in the market, it’s essential to […]