How to Tackle a Technical Interview

Technical interviews are all about proving your expertise and field of knowledge. Employers are looking for candidates who can walk the walk, not just talk the talk. The best way to tackle a technical interview is to prepare, do your homework, and come to the interview ready to talk through your reasoning and processes to […]

5 Engineering Interview Questions You NEED to Know

Ready to grow your career in engineering? Interview prep is critical. Just as with any interview, it’s important to come ready to put your best foot forward. That means dressing for the job you wish you had, doing your homework on the company and the role you are applying to, and coming prepared to answer […]

Top Nuclear Power Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

If you are preparing for an interview in the energy industry, having a set of questions you have practiced and are ready to respond to will help you stand out on the interview panel. Thinking outside the box of standard interview questions, it’s smart to prepare for several industry-specific questions. It’s clear that the industry […]

Effectively Researching a Company for a Job Interview

The key to success is in the preparation. Before any job interview, you should be researching who and what you are interviewing for. That means doing your homework on the company, the culture, and the employees you may encounter in an interview process. Employers are looking for candidates who “get it” from the minute they […]