While no one has a crystal ball, there are many trends and investments in the IT industry that are likely to shape the year ahead. Here’s a look into some of the trends we think will make waves next year. We also explore how to think about as you grow your career into the new year and beyond.  


Gaming AR and VR gadgets have come onto the scene in a big way this past year, with lots of industry discussion around the Metaverse and what it means for technology. But it’s not just fun and games that this technology can provide. User interfaces are changing. Think about how 3D projections and movement detection might influence your work. As more individuals start using these devices, more information about those individuals is being collected. This inevitably will lead to interesting changes in terms of privacy and cyber security as well. But the technology itself is still being developed and will change how work is done now and in the near future. 

AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning and, on an even deeper level, Deep Learning, are two trends that continue to make waves in an industry already experiencing dramatic shifts in response to artificial intelligence and its many applications. Machine learning is widely used in data centers, and deep learning is being explored as a tool to reduce the amount of data propagated back to data centers. Applications such as image, video, and audio recognition are already being deployed for various verticals, to help engineers and networks analyze a wealth of information quickly and more effectively.  

Digital Currency

From Bitcoin to Ethereum, Litecoin to Dash, digital currencies have quickly become commonly traded currencies. And despite fluctuations in value, they are forecast to continue to grow in use and value. This will result in a growing need for cyber-security to protect trades and enable other technologies, including storage, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things. Everything is connected, so even if you find yourself in a position with little to nothing to do with digital currencies, understanding how they are shifting the market is important.  

Blockchain Technology

Peer-to-peer computing (including the rise of Bitcoin) has driven the growth of blockchain technology, which in terms, is changing engineering. It’s clear that an increase in blockchain products is on the horizon. But even existing IT, heavyweights are entering the market too. So as an engineer, it’s important to know how Blockchain could impact your products and your market. An exciting trend that is fascinating to learn about is NFT technology and the ownership of digital goods.  


While cybersecurity may be old news, it’s still big business. It may never go out of trend status, to be honest. The fact is that new cyber threats are being discovered every day. The only things standing between our data and malicious activities are IT security software, antivirus, and other cybersecurity defenses. So long as the internet is used, threats are imminent and thus, the cybersecurity industry will always continue to thrive. Understanding how your role may be impacted by security concerns can help position you for growth.  

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