Working with a staffing agency to find and recruit world-class engineers is a fantastic way to upskill your team quickly and efficiently. But engineers don’t grow on trees. There’s industry knowledge and networking needed to create a strong talent pipeline for skilled engineers. Here’s a look at what it takes to recruit world-class engineers to your company and a look at how working with ESGI can make it so much easier.  

Targeted Recruiting 

Recruiters looking to hire world-class engineering talent may want to go right to the source for new candidates, that source being universities. You can focus hiring efforts on graduates with new degrees in engineering to bring in fresh talent eager to try their skills in the real world. Recruiting straight from the schools is a tried and true strategy. The challenge may be in certain roles where experience is required. In those cases, building a steady stream pipeline of employed professionals who may be interested in looking for new opportunities is a smart way to target your recruiting efforts.  

Create Positive Working Environments 

Today’s professionals expect a different work environment than engineers of the past. Making sure that you are creating a work environment and culture that attracts world-class talent is as important as actually going out into the market and finding people. By investing in creating a great place to work, engineers will naturally seek out opportunities with your company. That starts with competitive compensation, but that’s not the only consideration. Think about how workplace flexibility, engagement or training programs, and team culture all help create a sense of welcome. World-class talent demands world-class working conditions, so make sure you set your company up for success by investing in the things that matter to future employees.  

Build Your Talent Pipeline with a Trusted Staffing Partner 

One of the reasons that working with a staffing partner such as ESGI can be so helpful to busy hiring managers is that they are familiar with the current talent. By developing and networking with a bench of existing candidates (both active and passive), they are better able to provide employers with a well-rounded applicant pool. They are also familiar with the candidates they have placed in the past who they know will be looking for future work, either due to a contract coming to an end or simple career development.

Working with a staffing agency gives you access to a network of talented accounting professionals who are pre-screened and proven on the job. You reduce the risk of hiring employees who are more interested in a paycheck than what they are doing or who they are working for. It’s a win-win for both candidates and employers alike. 

For the support, you need to hire world-class engineering talent to your business, connect with the recruiting team at ESGI today.


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