Careers in IT come in all different shapes and sizes. What might work for one person may be totally wrong for someone else. The key to finding your path in IT is to know your skills and align them to the needs of your company and team. Knowledge is power, so make sure you know where your skills and strengths are put to good use. Here’s a look at 5 different careers in IT that might be the dream job for you. 

IT Technician

If you are starting out in IT, a great entry point is that of a technician. IT techs collaborate with support specialists to analyze and diagnose computer issues. They monitor processing functions, install relevant software, and perform tests on equipment when necessary. IT technicians need an associate degree in IT or a bachelor’s degree in computer science or networking. They support companies in a variety of industries and may learn database programming or other specializations to gain an edge in an entry-level role. 

Support Specialist

These individuals are responsible for reviewing and solving computer network and hardware problems for a business. They are often on the front lines of supporting staff with various computer needs, from providing general support to staff or customers to making sure teams are staying productive and clients stay happy. Requirements typically include a bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science. 

Quality Assurance Tester

QA specialists are technicians or engineers who check software products to make sure they’re up to industry standards. This role is especially important in gaming systems, mobile applications, and other technology that needs thorough testing and maintenance. Most QA testers have a bachelor’s degree in software design, engineering, or computer science. They can work for software companies, app developers, and many other business types. They need to have excellent time management and communications skills to make sure they document test cases and push projects forward. 

Web Developer

Web development involves the designing of the appearance, navigation, and even the content organization of a website. They use coding skills in languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to manage applications, content, and graphics as a client requires. An associate’s degree in web development or other relevant field is a great foundation for a role like this. But it’s really the experience in the field that will help differentiate you as a candidate. 

IT Security Specialist

Security specialists are those professionals who are actively working to build and maintain digital protective measures for a variety of industries. Almost every company in business today needs to be thinking strategically about their security measures, and IT security specialists are the ones they need to do it. They help companies build contingency plans in case of a hacking event. They also create strategies to troubleshoot problems as they arise. Specialists in this role benefit from a bachelor’s degree or a professional certification. Coursework includes math, programming, and operating systems and certifications like those offered by the Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (also known as ISC2).  

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