Many employers wonder at one time or another how they are going to meet their seasonal or project hiring needs. Hiring employees is a lot of work. There are risks and costs involved that are impossible to avoid. But the work needs to get done, so what’s a hiring manager to do?  

Well, we recommend staffing up quickly and effectively with temporary employees and a staffing partner you can trust. Here are four reasons why ESGI has you covered this season.  

A Customized Hiring Process 

Our search and recruitment efforts are custom-tailored to your success. The team at ESGI does the research and works closely with our clients to get the details of the position so we can send you the most qualified applicants. By clearly understanding your needs and the requirements of the position, we can make the best call.  

Reasonable Pricing  

Hiring temp workers is a very cost-effective hiring process. It helps place talented candidates in roles quickly with minimal ramp-up time. Our talent pool is customized to meet the needs of our clients. That means we can find the right person for your job quickly. That means less downtime for your team and more savings on lengthy recruiting processes. Of course, the end cost to you will vary based on several factors, including account volume, your specific requirements, workers’ comp costs, and lead time for our staffing managers. But ESGI is committed to providing quality employees to your company at a competitive rate. 

Fast but Qualified Staff 

The time frame for successfully finding an employee for you is going to vary based on our current employee base and your specific needs. We are committed to sending the most qualified applicants. You may decide to look at the most qualified applicants and do an interview, or we can fill a position based on the qualifications you provide. 

Understanding that Timing is Everything 

The need for contract workers often stems from uncertainty in a company. This uncertainty can be due to a structural reorganization, budget ambiguity, or even a lack of qualified professionals in the job market. The result is the same: there is a need to find workers who can support business and project needs while holding off on a long-term hiring commitment. We can help you figure out what the right length of contract will be best for your business needs.  

Peace of Mind 

Not every job is the right fit. Sometimes that’s not clear until the person is in the role. Our flexible contract solutions offer an opportunity for you to get see an employee in the work setting and determine if they will be someone you want on the team for the long haul. If you are not satisfied with an employee, we can help you find someone who is a better fit. 

For more advice on how to build your team quickly and with the limited risk of hiring the wrong person, connect with the recruiting team at ESGI today.  


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