Not to sound overly dramatic, but stress can be deadly. It also happens to be a very common experience within one’s work life. The trick is in learning how to manage stress. There are many tried and true recommendations on how to better manage your stress, including better time management, breathing exercises, and getting regular exercise. You’ve probably heard all those suggestions before. So keeping that in mind, here are a few new tips that you may be surprised can be super effective at helping you keep stress under control.     

Do Some Desk Yoga 

Don’t have time to hit the yoga studio on your way to or from the office? Not a problem. Try doing a little desk yoga to relieve some of that built-up tension. These poses can all be done at your chair in between conference calls. They can relax your muscles, clear your mind, and give you the energy you need to meet the day head on. You might get a couple looks from coworkers, but don’t worry. You’ll be too refreshed to stress.  

Have Yourself a Giggle 

Laughter is a great stress reliever. If you find something funny in your stressful situation, you’ll be less likely to fear it or stress about it unnecessarily. It can also help to build comradery with your coworkers and make you feel less alone or unsupported in your efforts. 

Get Social 

You might think that the best way to manage your stress is to work late, get on top of the growing mountain of tasks that are causing your stress. But actually, you might have better luck taking the night off. Positive interactions with the people in our lives are a great source of stress relief. Just talking about your tensions with a friend, coworker, or family member can help make the tasks seem more manageable. Look to your support network to help find balance in your life.    

Have a Chocolate 

There’s a reason people love chocolate, and it’s because it makes people feel happy. The antioxidant flavonoids found in dark chocolate have the ability to reduce heart disease, reduce blood pressure, relax blood vessels, and generally calm stress. Stick to the dark stuff though, as milk chocolate might taste good but it doesn’t have quite the same effect on the body.  

Make Time for a Hobby 

Doing something you enjoy in your downtime is the essential experience of balancing work and life. If you have something outside of work that you can turn to when you’re away from your desk, it helps press the reset button in your brain. Yes, work may be stressful at times. But by leaning into those activities that complement your work life, you will be better prepared to manage stressful situations and have the confidence to show up as your best self each and every day.   

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