Your resume is like your business card in the world of job applications. And when you are an entry-level IT candidate, you better make sure your resume is memorable.

Employers likely don’t know much about you as a candidate until you hand them one little piece of paper. And that one document is your chance to make an impression. You can make that impression in the information you provide, the skills you highlight, even the format you choose to use. But the bottom line is that your resume needs to catch the attention of the viewer. So even if you have a “boring” job, make sure your resume gets employers excited with these key tips.

Show Them Your Numbers

Many job applicants make the mistake of writing a resume that focuses on tasks and responsibilities associated with their various projects and positions. This is a mistake because employers don’t care what someone told you to do. They care about what value you actually provided. So instead of listing your responsibilities, make readers want to meet you by showing exactly what you were able to deliver in previous opportunities—highlight successes. Quantify your achievements. Let the numbers do the talking. Really show employers what value you will bring to them if they hire you by measuring your past results.

Highlight Success Stories and Testimonials

Only you know your most influential successes, so don’t shy away from sharing those stories in the body of your resume. If you have client testimonials or recommendations, make a point to call them out. Win any awards or earn a degree? That’s the type of thing that can earn you an interview. Client or customer recognition is highly influential because it shows that external partners have experienced your skills in action and had the opportunity to see your value firsthand. Those big wins that make you happy at the end of a hard day that is the type of thing you should put front and center in a winning resume.

Be Specific and Don’t Be Afraid to Brag About Yourself

The most important thing you will learn in writing resumes is that you don’t need to be modest. A one (or two) page document is a very limited space in which to tell employers how amazing you are, so don’t shy away from your own accomplishments. Be sure to sell yourself as an employee because, frankly, no one else will. If it feels like bragging, then chances are you’re on the right track. You have surely done some amazing things in your career, and the only way employers will know about them is if you shout them from the rooftops at this stage in the game.

Create an Engaging Format

Traditional resumes are boring to a fault. Don’t think you are restricted to one particular format because mixing things up a bit in terms of font and style can really help your application stand out. Of course, don’t let things get messy, disorganized, or distract from the actual content. But don’t think a boring resume will catch the attention you deserve.

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