Recruiting and hiring can be a lengthy and confusing process these days, with hundreds of resumes received for every job post. It seems like it should be a relatively straightforward process, but finding the right person for the job continues to be a challenge. A hiring manager should only need to create and post a detailed job description and then quickly receive and review a number of qualified resumes before finding, interviewing, and hiring their ideal candidate. While that might seem like an idealist’s perspective, there are several improvements you can make to your hiring process this year to get the best of the best on your team quickly and efficiently.

  1. Write Better Job Descriptions

It’s easy to weigh your job description down with all the specifics of an ideal candidate’s qualifications. Still, it’s also easy to lose track of the important skills and qualifications you are looking for from your candidates. If you are the type of employer who is willing to wait for the absolute perfect candidate, chances are you may be disappointed in the short term and unable to fill the position in the long term.

Consider a job listing to be similar to a position as a resume is to a candidate. It should present the opportunity in its best light, attract the attention of talented professionals, and also filter out candidates who are not qualified to do the work. This can all be done in a relatively simple and straightforward manner. Too many ads are overly-long, cluttered, unfocused, filled with dull clichés, and worse still, burdened with job requirements that aren’t actually required.

  1. Build Multi-Dimensional Compensation Packages

Employees today are interested in more than just income when they are considering their next career move. Corporate environment, culture, location, health benefits, PTO, and other benefits all come into play. Work-life balance is also an important factor. Do you offer competitive medical and dental plans? Do you offer flexible work options and an engaging mentoring program? These are all ways that you can attract key talent to your company without resorting to simple salary increases or signing bonuses. It can make all the difference.

  1. Look Outside the Box

Sticking with the tried and tested seems like a good way to ensure reliability, especially when it comes to recruiting. If you have had success with hires with one specific type of background, skill set, or education, it makes sense that you would be able to seek out similar success with similar requirements. But the truth is that you could be missing out on valuable opportunities if you are afraid to branch out. Diversity in terms of background, skill sets, and education can help to add more dynamic elements to your company, making your staff more robust in terms of connections and qualifications.

  1. Hire Proactively

Thinking strategically to evaluate your current and future hiring needs will help you to avoid reactive recruiting. Think about hiring in terms of your long-term needs. Focus on retention as well as recruitment to ensure that the staff you do bring on board are able to invest in your company for an extended period. Evaluate what experience and qualifications are needed to succeed within the listed job opportunity and engage with recruiters and staffing firms to help you find the type of quality talent that will meet your needs now and in the future.

  1. Partner with a Staffing Expert

Possibly the best thing you can do to uplevel your hiring process is partnering with a recruiting expert who knows what to look for in a candidate, how to best bring them on board, and provide them with the support and information a new hire needs to get up to speed quickly. That investment comes at a price, but by bringing in someone who has the expertise to find and recruit the right people for the job, you’re on your way to more successful hires, increased productivity, and more peace of mind.

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