The job search can be a lengthy and stressful time in your career, but networking should be something you do consistently throughout your career. The best network is one that you build while you’re employed and leverage when you are looking for your next job. Some people are more naturally skilled at networking than others, but luckily the skills are learnable. To make sure you are keeping your professional network afloat through even rocky job markets, here are several tips to help you effectively network as a nuclear employee.

Co-worker Relationships Build Your Network

Your work friends are likely to be your best advocates and are a key part of growing your professional network. This is, in fact, one of the most valuable parts of working on a new job. The people you meet and the connections you make can last years beyond the job itself. Expanding your professional network is difficult when you are not working, but in even temporary positions, you are more likely to make many new acquaintances and hopefully leave them all with a good impression. You never know who you will meet or how they will influence your career, so make sure to invest in those relationships, make a good impression with the people you work with, and stay in touch as much as possible.

Don’t Overlook Your Friends and Neighbors

Employers are people too, so remember that your social connections can be the missing link to a successful job search. Think critically about how your professional network and your social network as well can help you find opportunities before they are even made available. A good reference can mean the difference between an easy hire and an overlooked resume. If you are not using professional networking resources like LinkedIn, you are missing out on some critical opportunities. LinkedIn provides job searchers with the chance to look for jobs proactively, without burning bridges, and making connections with future colleagues and managers before you even look at a job description. So, take the time to update your profile and make sure employers like what they see of you online before you even submit a resume.

Invest In Yourself

If you want to keep improving on the job, you need to make an ongoing investment in your personal and professional growth. Do this by reading a lot, joining professional organizations, and taking a course every now and then. This helps you to stay relevant in a quickly changing market, where every year, newly trained and highly specialized professionals graduate from universities hard-pressed to set them up for success. Make sure you are acting similarly to benefit your own career. Stay current on industry news and trends, network with other professionals similarly interested in growing their own careers, and don’t shy away from continued education. Your job search and your career will be much more fruitful because you took the initiative.

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