Too many professionals undersell themselves within their careers. If you are evaluating whether a role is the right fit, but think that the challenge is more than you are prepared for, really try to think about it as something you could grow into. There are so many reasons why you should accept a challenge. This post will discuss just some of them and talk about why a challenging position may be the best move of your career.

  1. Career advancement

No one ever got anywhere in their career by doing the same thing year after year. Learning new skills and pushing yourself within your career is the best way to move forward. In any job, a new hire will be asked to learn new skills and processes. So take the opportunity to learn even if you don’t think you’re qualified right off the bat. There’s a lot you bring to the table, and even more, you can pick up on the job.

  1. Stay current in the market

A common mistake many professionals make is that once they have gone through basic training or education, they won’t need to learn new skills or technologies to stay relevant in their industry. This is very clearly not the case. In order to stay up to date in your field, you need to constantly be learning new skills. Even if this role isn’t the right fit long term, you will learn new skills and develop abilities that will help you succeed in the next role you apply for.

  1. Prove to yourself you can do it

Even if you don’t think you’re qualified enough for a job, if you have a job offer, then you know that someone else thinks you can do it or pick it up quickly enough to be of value to the business. Once you are able to prove your capabilities to yourself, there’s really not much that can stop you.

  1. Network and receive mentorship

When you take on a new role, the opportunities to connect with and learn from others in your field expand exponentially. If you can learn from others within the new role, especially the ones you are convinced are smarter than you, then you are benefitting your career to great lengths. And don’t sell yourself short in those conversations, either. Every experience and background provides unique perspectives and valuable experience within the world of work. Share your expertise, and you’ll make sure the connection is a two-way street.

  1. Your comfort zone can get boring

By trying something new, you can really break out of any career rut. It’s easy to think that because you’ve done one job for a long time, that’s all you’re able to do. That’s not true. There are so many skills that are valuable across industries, across job descriptions, across different companies and teams as well. While your comfort zone might feel safe, it can also get boring. Boredom quickly leads to frustration and burnout, so remember to take steps outside your comfort zone to stay motivated and interested in work.

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