If you are either a student or an established professional looking to change gears, there’s a possibility that nuclear energy has caught your eye. At large, the energy industry has experienced some exciting disruption over the past decade or two, making energy a very interesting space to grow your career in. Nuclear power, in general, is not what it once was. While exploring if you should grow your career in nuclear power, there are many advantages to consider.

If you are looking for career flexibility, contracting is very appealing. A career in nuclear contracting is one of the best jobs that you can have to set yourself up for a highly profitable semi-retired career. Nuclear power plants shut down every 18 to 24 months for refueling, and during this time, the plants perform scheduled maintenance activities, which require several hundred contract workers.  The pay is often pretty good, the hours are long, and travel is required for the majority of plants (unless you live close to multiple plants).

Today’s blog will cover just a few of the highlights of a career path that takes you into nuclear energy.

Career Potential With A Depth of Variety and Challenges

Careers in the nuclear industry offer a wide range of challenging and rewarding jobs with excellent salaries and benefits. This variety of job opportunities also provides a path of lifelong learning and the knowledge that you are actively working to provide your community with the power and energy it needs to live up to its full potential. With that potential comes a fair amount of challenges. But while some people hesitate in the face of challenges, those who are willing to learn and grow within their role can find some of the most rewarding opportunities within the entire power generation industry.

One of those big challenges is the fact that the nuclear industry is preparing for a major renaissance driven by the need to refurbish existing nuclear reactors and build new reactors to replace an aging fleet of nuclear power plants. There are opportunities for everyone from engineers, scientists, technicians, skilled trade and technology workers, professional management and entry-level positions as well as other positions related to electricity generation, uranium mining and milling, used fuel management, nuclear medicine, research, environmental and earth sciences, manufacturing, agriculture and more. New nuclear power projects are being planned or considered across the country and internationally, providing even more exciting opportunities for career growth and advancement.

A Dynamic and Growing Workforce

Unlike some of the other more technical industries, careers in the nuclear and energy sector offer women and men alike challenging work, competitive salaries and benefits, and opportunities for advancement. The work done by nuclear employees actively helps to protect the environment by supporting community goals of more emission-free power generation. With that shifting perspective comes increasing demand and hotter competition among employers for the industry’s top talent. The best candidates in this field cover a broad range of disciplines. There are plentiful opportunities for engineers, technicians, skilled trade and technology workers, as well as a full range of financial, human resource, communications, training, and administration professionals that support nuclear-related companies and facilities.

The Joys and Challenges of a Career in Advanced Technology

The safe and reliable operation of various nuclear power reactors depends on people of commitment and integrity acting as stewards of public health and safety and the environment. With that sense of commitment comes a need for skilled, educated, and technologically proficient professionals. A demand for a pristine safety record in operating nuclear facilities requires skilled workers for new nuclear plants to help meet the country’s need for reliable, economical, and emission-free electricity. That means a driving need for more individuals who possess a wide variety of knowledge, skills, and abilities and have a desire to learn.

Highly advanced technology and complex industrial processes present challenges that can change daily. Working in the nuclear industry can be a rewarding and challenging career choice with opportunities to resolve problems and improve processes. Opportunities may be individual or in team environments. Creativity and responsibility are rewarded with career advancement and professional development as well. Salaries are among the most competitive in the industry. And with several industry factors driving recruitment efforts, there’s more demand for talent than ever before.

So if you think you have what it takes to make a difference in the world, consider a career in nuclear power. We can help you find the job you’re looking for. Connect with our team of nuclear industry recruiters for help finding the next step on your career path.


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