As social media continues to become a big part of our daily lives, it is also becoming more important to our professional lives. This blog talks about the many ways we can use this important tool to our advantage in searching for a job.

  1. Make Sure You’re Consistent

Inconsistent information about you is not only confusing but a red flag for recruiters. Many candidates get caught padding their resume or even just focusing it too much for a single job and not updating for the next job they apply for. If there are discrepancies between what your resume says about you and what your LinkedIn profile says, or even what you say in an interview, that’s a problem for employers who want to make sure they’re hiring someone who can do what they say. If you are really serious about positioning yourself for a particular job, you need to be consistent and thoughtful about what you are saying about your experience, your skills, and your commitment to getting hired for that position. It takes time to build that consistency, but if you do, you will be rewarded with recruiters’ trust.

  1. Upgrade Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand and online reputation matter, not just from a company perspective but also from a hiring perspective. The effort you take to manage your brand online can make a huge difference in a job search. But if you don’t know where to start when it comes to building a strong online reputation, it can seem like something you have little to no control over. That’s definitely not the case. Because there’s a lot, you can do the proactively build your personal brand online.

Update your LinkedIn profile with a professional headshot, a recent resume, and as many endorsements and referrals as you can get. Think about what connections you should be made online and what communities or groups you should be interacting in. Building a brand is as much about your content as your presence or presentation. You might not think that an old photo would be what an employer evaluates when reviewing your application, but the truth is that you never really know.

  1. Clean Up Your Personal Profiles

It’s important to recognize that your personal social media profile may have an impact on your career or job search, even if it’s not what you are using to market yourself on the job market. Ensure that your personal profile is a good representation of who you want to be to a hiring manager if they get tempted to look through your old Twitter account.

  1. Social Networking is Professional Networking

When searching for a new job, networking is critical. And while you might not think about it that way, your social network is also a possible professional network. You never know who may have a connection or be able to make a referral to help you on your way along your career path. Also, don’t limit yourself to in-person networking events within your industry. There are few ways to expand your professional network other than meeting people online more quickly. Social networking websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, even Twitter, and others can help you make meaningful connections and set yourself up for future career opportunities.

  1. Start Your Search on Social

Finding a company that you want to work for with an opening that makes sense for your skillset might seem like a matter of chance. Companies will sometimes post their job listings on their social media outlets even before posting to their job board. Follow your dream employer and make sure that you get the chance to apply if and when they come looking for new recruits.


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