For engineering and technology experts, jobs aren’t hard to find. Employers are consistently looking for the best and the brightest in the business. But your career is about more than a simple paycheck. You want more out of life. You need challenging roles that really test your skills. You want benefit programs that make it worth sticking around. You need the attention of a specialized staffing firm that understands your field. We’re the staffing firm that is designed to meet you where you are at. We specialize in better opportunities, a more accurate fit, and solid benefits programs that enable our contractors to get the most out of their lives and careers.

If you are looking for flexible contract work that truly utilizes your skills, Energy Services Group International is designed for you.

We focus on finding you better opportunities.

Better opportunities mean we focus on leveraging our client relationships to find prime engineering and technology jobs with top companies in the power generation industry. We won’t send you job listings for work that’s in another state (unless that’s what you’re looking for). We know that the first step to job search success is viability. We work with you to learn about the opportunities that make sense for you. What are you looking for? What roles interest you? What companies excite you? What opportunities will challenge you and push you on to bigger and better things? That’s what we care about and will work hard to help you find.

We won’t waste your time.

We put great emphasis on finding the right candidate for the right job. It’s that accurate fit that really makes the match successful. We want to help you find the challenging job you want, one that maximizes your skills and offers the competitive compensation you deserve. We want our clients to find the talent that will make a difference in their program. We specialize in finding the missing piece in a team’s puzzle. Sometimes that means we won’t have the right job for you right away, but our commitment to accurate fit means that we know exactly who to go to for a successful placement when the time comes. We’re not interested in creating a giant talent pipeline of candidates that aren’t likely to stick around. We serve our clients and our customers by investing time and expertise in placing you where you’re most likely to succeed.

We will support you

Our benefits program is something we take great pride in. ESGI has a comprehensive program that offers you flexibility and choice in 401k and other benefits. That’s what keeps our contractors working with us. They know we have their back when times get tough. In today’s job market, we need workers who are skilled and trustworthy. And in return, we offer our contractors the support and loyalty that lets them know that we’re more than just a placement agency. We’re a team.

Kick Start Your Career

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