Feel like you’re not making any headway in your job search? Looking for a new job is tough. It makes you take a hard look at your experiences, your qualifications, and your goals and see if they align with what’s being asked of the modern worker. Between rejections and overwhelming job applications that can seem endless, the whole process can be complicated. But, it’s also possible you are making a critical mistake, and you wouldn’t even know it because the opportunities to get honest feedback from companies you apply to are few and far between.

The possible weak link in your job application chain may just be your LinkedIn account. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Here are a few things you can address yourself and make sure you’re getting the most out of this critical professional network.

Address Red Flags Head On

While employers are always open to hiring people with different backgrounds and experiences so long as they are the right fit for the team, certain red flags can make it tough to get past the resume phase. But if you address red flags head-on, as soon as possible and with honesty and an understanding of the employer’s concerns, that will help you get more than just your foot in the door. Some red flags to be aware of include work gaps, bouncing from job to job, or getting fired. Do what you can to reassure future employers that you are looking for a long-term commitment, and they will be more confident in spending the time to learn about you and what you can do for the company.

Make Sure You’re Consistent

Inconsistent information about you is not only confusing but a red flag for recruiters. Many candidates get caught padding their resume, or even just focusing it too much for a single job and not updating for the next job they apply for. If there are discrepancies from what your resume says about you and what your LinkedIn profile says, or even what you say in an interview, that’s a problem for employers who want to make sure they’re hiring someone who can do what they say. If you are serious about positioning yourself for a particular job, you need to be consistent and thoughtful about what you are saying about your experience, your skills, and your commitment to getting hired for that position. It takes time to build that consistency, but if you do, then you will be rewarded with the trust of recruiters.

Upgrade Your Brand

Your brand and online reputation matters, not just from a company perspective, but also from a hiring perspective. The effort you take to manage your brand online can make a huge difference in a job search. But if you don’t know where to start when it comes to building a strong online reputation, it can seem like something you have little to no control over. That’s not the case. Because there’s a lot, you can do proactively build your brand online.

Update your LinkedIn profile with a professional headshot, a recent resume, and as many endorsements and referrals as you can get. Think about what connections you should be made online, and what communities or groups you should be interacting in. Building a brand is as much about your content as your presence or presentation. You might not think that an old photo would be what an employer evaluates when reviewing your application, but the truth is that you never really know.

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