It takes more than just people skills to build a solid career in today’s job market. It takes technical skills to carry out a task associated with roles such as IT, engineering, mechanics, science, or finance. Typical technical skills include programming, the analysis of complex figures, or the use of specific tools. These skills require experience and often extensive training or education to master. As job hunting becomes more competitive, graduates need to work even harder to differentiate themselves from other candidates, and acquiring technical skills is one way to achieve this. These skills are more critical now than ever before. Here is an overview of the technical skills that are in high demand and that you should have to be seriously considered for a position.


Programming skills are not just the territory of developers. Other IT staff, from customer service teams to project managers, need to have a basic understanding of programming to support their customers or to coordinate projects effectively. Any graduate entering the IT industry will be more valuable to an employer if they know how to code because they can take on programming-related tasks from the outset and have the perspective they need to contribute to the conversations they are in.

Project Management

Project management skills have always been a critical skill set. Being able to coordinate resources effectively, people and budgets are some of the best technical skills that you can have. Project managers are required in every industry from construction through to creative and design. A qualified project manager will be able to deliver projects more efficiently, use resources cost-effectively, and deploy the right staff to complete the right tasks. This can result in cost and time savings, prompt resolution of problems, effective forecasting, and an overall improvement in the work environment.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

Data analysis is crucial in many roles because it can give businesses the vital information needed to retain market share or define their competitive advantage. Big data analysis plays a crucial role in the overall business process, which is why this technical skill is valued so highly by many employers. Evaluating large data sets is a complex task, and the results will help to identify correlations, highlight a company’s most valuable customers and assess return on investment to see where key organizational and strategic improvements can be made. Done correctly, this level of business intelligence can result in more effective sales, and marketing operations increased opportunities to generate revenue and greater operational efficiency across the board.

Digital Security Skills

In an increasingly digital world, security is an area of great concern among many business owners. Data breaches can have a devastating impact on a business, from loss of customers through to irreparable damage to the reputation of the company. As a result, demand is increasing for technical security specialists. Security management is a technical skill where specialists develop the knowledge to identify loopholes in systems, pinpoint any vulnerabilities, and tailor practices to strengthen the way in which information is managed. Learning information security and highlighting it in your resume can add significant value to your application.

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