The job market is an ever-moving target. Especially within the tech industry, technology and process improvements are constantly reshaping the landscape for workers. In order to maintain a successful and sustainable career in IT, it’s important to regularly do something to further your professional education or training every year. This will ensure that you are keeping pace with your competitors and staying up to date on the latest trends and tools of the trade.

Tip #1: Learn Something New

While you might think that training goals are best targeted for new employees, even seasoned veterans in your field benefit from regular updates. While it might not always be reasonable to plan to go back to school to further your education, attending a conference or series of webinars can also add to your resume. Consider what works best for your particular situation and make the effort to learn something new every year.

Tip #2: Continue to Expand Your Professional Network

Networking is as important while you are employed as it is when you are looking for your next opportunity. Setting a goal of keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date or attending a certain number of professional networking events can make sure you are taking action to grow your network. While it doesn’t always need to be at the forefront of your attention, making connections with other professionals will always serve you well in your career. Don’t stop there. Talk to people within your current network to understand and stay up to date with the latest trends and changes coming in the near future. Stay close to your competitors to understand what they are able to bring to the table that you aren’t yet prepared to. Then level the playing field by setting goals for yourself to advance.

Tip #3: Work to Improve Your Performance

Setting performance goals might seem like an activity for your manager, but you will benefit from evaluating your successes on the job and making an actionable plan to improve as well. Identifying your weaknesses in productivity or effectiveness can be difficult, but the rewards really are immeasurable.

Managers recognize growth and advancement potential in employees, particularly when those goals are communicated clearly and openly with leadership. Work with your manager to design career-advancing goals that will increase responsibility and challenge your skills and abilities on the job. Staying in one position for the extent of your career is possible, but all employees benefit from the increasing challenge and financial stability of a growing career. The IT industry thrives on those professionals willing to go outside of their comfort zone to break through barriers, solve problems, and experiment in new and interesting ways. If you are not actively trying to break through your own barriers, then you will inevitably fall behind the curve.

Grow Your Career

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