Unfortunately, employee burnout is all too common in some industries, which can potentially lead to disastrous effects for both those employees and their businesses alike. Burnout reduces productivity, it ruins morale, and it inevitably increases turnover rates. It is providing employees with a healthy work-life balance that they need to stay engaged and productive on the job is the sign of a company that understands the importance of their talent in their long-term success. The face is that burnout isn’t unavoidable. It’s something that can be tackled head-on. Follow these tips to help reduce employee burnout and make sure your people can bring their very best day after day.

Encourage Your Team to Get Moving

Team culture has a considerable part to play in burnout rates. Encouraging workers (and leading by example) to get up and leave their desks after every 90 minutes of work can help them sharpen their mind and increase productivity. Taking breaks at regular intervals can go a long way to keeping your mind energized and interested in the subject matter. Encourage workers to take a brief walk or do some stretching. If possible, take a round of the office or workplace and think about something not work-related, even if just for 2 minutes. It’ll help them focus when they’re back at their desk, and improve the mood at the same time.

Coach Stress Management

A great manager is one who teaches as well as manages their team. Stress management is a huge deal in the workplace, and it’s one that not too many companies take seriously but which contributes directly to burnout. Teach employees breathing techniques and stress relief exercises that can help them better navigate stressful situations. While it might seem like a cliché, these do work. A simple meditation technique can help clear your mind and help you to move forward in even the most difficult of situations. Teach workers the basics by having them focus on relaxing their body and mind after every breath, making sure to breathe slowly in and out. The more you can do this, the better you will feel, and the more prepared you will be to engage with the task that is causing stress.

Listen and Engage

Sometimes, burnout comes from a lack of feeling heard or a lack of feeling included in the work being done. Workers can waste a lot of time looking for motivation if they are disconnected from the decision-making process or the mission or values of their company. While staying busy helps to engage the mind and can help build the momentum of a productive and content worker, not having faith in the organization, or the mission of a company can be a fast track to disengagement and burnout. So take the time to make sure your team members understand why they are being asked to do their tasks. Make sure they can ask questions, even challenge the thinking and rationale behind decision making. Engage them in the business at hand, and they will be less likely to hit that wall when they don’t feel heard or involved in their job.

ESGI Can Help Manage Employee Burnout

In order to keep your employees both productive and happy, it’s important to address employee burnout before it becomes a potential issue. The expert consultants at ESGI can help your teach manage potential burnout. Contact us today! 


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