Continuing this series on the power of personal branding, today, we’re talking about the influence and importance of the references you choose. When it comes to your job search, the fact is that you never know who will help you get where you want to go. It’s essential to have a strong selection of references who can speak to your skills and professionalism when asked whether you would be a good fit for a new role. Here are some key things to remember when building your reference list.

Keep Your Reference List Up To Date

Your references matter a lot when it comes to your job search. Do you have people who you have worked with closely in the past who can speak to the quality of your experience, your work effort, the impact you have had for other companies you’ve worked with? Your advocates are a key part of building your brand. Just like with companies who focus on their brand marketing efforts, in a job search (and even in between job searches), you need to build your brand by influencing how people think of you. That means doing outstanding work. Ask for references. Be helpful everywhere. Focus on how you interact with your co-workers. The truth is that every person you meet can help you build a bridge. You never know who will help you get where you want to go.

Cover Your Bases with Diverse References

Having just one type of reference will look good on paper, but if you’re future employer only hears about the same projects or accomplishments, you will come across as rather flat as a candidate. Your references add a multi-dimensional aspect to your brand, as they are the voice of truth when it comes to your past accomplishments and roles. Select references from a wide range of experiences, even branch out into your social network for speakers who can describe you as a friend or a partner in a passion project. It’s important to make sure you have a strong base of references who can speak to your professionalism and abilities in your past jobs but try to make sure you have a few different perspectives included in your reference list.

Think About What You Want Them to Say

It can also be beneficial to make sure you know what you want your references to focus on when they speak to their experience working with you. While you won’t be able to control what they say, you can let them know that you’d like them to focus on a particular skill set or accomplishment that would be most relevant to the role you are applying for. This is very helpful from the perspective of a reference because often, they may struggle to think of what to say in response to a reference request. They will want to be helpful, but without some guidance on what that looks like from you, they might not be as effective as you or they would like.

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