Software developers are some of the sharpest and most critical hires you’ll ever seek to recruit. In general, they are a very analytical and detail-oriented demographic, as those are the skill sets that make them good at what they do. To recruit them to your team, you need to be prepared to write job descriptions that attract them to your company and reassure them that you, as an employer, understand what they are looking for and want from them as employees. Here are four things you can do to speak to developers in your job descriptions.  

Provide Focused and Accurate Requirements 

One common problem with unsuccessful job descriptions is simply too much content. An employer may be so eager to target their exact expectation of an employee that the job description becomes intimidating and unrealistic from the perspective of a candidate. To avoid this, it’s important to remember to balance brevity with detail. You need to focus on what qualifications and requirements are relevant to the position. Is that degree required, or is it more of a nice to have? Are you willing to do a little training to bring a promising candidate up to speed or do you need an experienced professional with five years of industry experience in the role? Be very tough on your job description; otherwise, you risk candidates not bothering to apply because they don’t think they meet all the qualifications.  Or worse, you end up with candidates who didn’t even bother reading through the list because it was too long.  

Highlight the Benefits of Working for You 

Candidates look to job descriptions to learn what hiring managers are looking for but also what they are offering. While discussions of salary and financial compensation are often best left to a post-interview conversation, highlighting the little things like flexible work schedules and great company culture will help attract the attention of candidates who are in high demand.  It’s worth mentioning the little benefits that make the job unique or your company such a great place to work. The way you present the job in the description will help you find the right person to make it work.  

Engage and Intrigue the Reader 

The language you use in the job description matters. Putting the extra time and thought into how you present the job (the messaging and the format it’s served on) will help ensure that your job opening gets the attention it deserves. To accomplish this, make sure to use lively and engaging language to describe the position. Avoid templates that don’t make sense for the market or the job. Keep your audience in mind. This will make sure that you are speaking directly to the high caliber candidate you are looking to hire. 

Market Your Company Holistically 

You might be used to letting the marketing department handle the marketing work your company does. What you might not realize is that your job descriptions are doing the very same job. Only, they are marketing your company as an employer to prospective employees. That’s a big job, so make sure your job descriptions and recruitment strategies are not overlooking this important aspect of the hiring process. Take a little space to showcase the company, and talk about what the work can offer to candidates as well. 

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