As an employer, you are under the gun to find the right person for the job but also to get the job done too. When it takes months to find the right person to hire and then additional time to onboard them into their role, taking the time to invest in full-time hires can be challenging. One of the best things about working with a recruiting partner is the time you get back on your plate. Another option for you as an employer might be to explore contract to hire opportunities that will help you find the best person for the job fast, even though it might not be for the long term. That means less time training, less time recruiting, and more time getting work done.  

Here are three reasons why contractors might be the fastest path to productivity for your team: 

Onboard Experience Consultants 

One of the bigger value props of contract hires is that essentially you are hiring a consultant with real-world experience that will help you cut down on time an effort to ramp up and get down to work. By turning to an ongoing contract-to-hire process, you stop spinning your wheels looking for a unicorn employee who might not exist and focus on bring in someone with the experience you need. That high caliber of an experienced employee can be especially valuable for your team. But building the experience from scratch takes time and investment that many companies don’t necessarily have at their disposal. An experienced consultant can help save time and bring on a helpful team member quickly and efficiently.  

Close a Bandwidth Gap 

Often a need for contract support stems from a void created when top talent leaves. That bandwidth gap is tough to fill, particularly when other employees don’t have the capacity to take on additional work. And employers don’t want to risk hiring the wrong person. That’s where contract-to-hire employees provide the flexibility that companies depend on to get one or more professionals on board more quickly and address the gap head-on. The flexibility of the contract type allows for an employer to immediately fill a need, maintaining the work balance and high morale of a team.  

Finding the Best Fit 

It’s difficult to know whether a new hire will be everything you hope they will be based on just a compelling resume and an engaging interview. To evaluate a worker’s true abilities, the work is the proof. But when you hire full-time workers, you are taking a big risk if they fail to deliver. With contract-to-hire employees, you can onboard and test the new employee to make sure it’s the right fit for them. It’s an employer’s best-case scenario, where they get to temporarily work with the company and the team before a final commitment is made. If they don’t end up being the right person for the job, a contract is much easier to end without converting to a full-time hire than firing a full-time employee.  

Grow Your Team With the Help of ESGI

Using this approach is a great option when you are looking to grow your team and can help achieve short term goals without risking long term consequences. Find out more by reaching out to the team at ESGI today!


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