Hiring can be a very stressful experience for companies who know that their success depends on their ability to staff their workload. To thrive in today’s high demand energy industry, you need flexible access to experienced engineering and IT professionals.  Experts who can maximize the safety, performance, and reliability of your facilities – and maximize the return on your human capital investment. A power staffing partner can be a real benefit to making sure you have access to the talent you need to move your business forward. But a recruiter with an in-depth understanding of the market and the skills you need to succeed can be worth their weight in gold.

Here’s what we understand about your business. You need faster, more effective hires. That means access to better matched, higher quality candidates. Our recruiters are energy and IT industry experts. This expertise, combined with our stringent screening and a robust 401k offering, allows ESGI to consistently deliver professionals to make an immediate, positive contribution – even in today’s tight candidate market.

That helps you control costs and mitigate risks associated with hiring. Flexible, scalable staffing options allow you to cost-effectively complete critical projects and access the intellectual capital you need – without hiring full-time staff. The various contract options can flex and cover your needs when you need help and not drain your resources when you don’t. The energy industry has a different ebb and flow of work that we at ESGI are very familiar with. We’re able to work closely with our clients, bring an understanding to the work that we are looking to help you find talent to accomplish, without needing to navigate the learning curve other recruiters struggle with. The difference is the experience and understanding that we bring to each client conversation.

We do power staffing, simplified. Whether working through an MSP or directly with your staff, we provide rock-solid support to streamline staffing – and deliver better outcomes. At the end of the day, your power staffing partner will be matchmaking you with the talent that you need to accomplish your goals. With ESGI, finding the right candidate or the right contract type for a specific role is really very easy because we’ve done it countless times previously.

Experience helps us find the right people for a role quickly and effectively, avoiding the stumbles and pitfalls that other recruiters will inevitably fall into. We know the importance of a strong talent pipeline. We believe that familiarity with the talent pool and job market can be remarkably helpful in identifying the right candidates for your job quickly and onboarding them effectively.

Partner with ESGI – a Leading Power Generation Recruiter

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to identifying the right hire for your unique opportunity, consider working with our team at ESGI – a leader in power generation recruitment. Connect with our power generation recruiters for helpful market insight, access to a deep talent pool of both active and passive candidates, and an in-depth understanding of what it takes to recruit top talent. Call today!


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